To maintain the firmness of the skin, good daily care is necessary to help us maintain the structure of the muscles of the face. For this, we can resort the best types of facial massages, techniques that help relax tense muscles due to stress while stimulating them helping to maintain their firmness. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

The facial massage can be applied in several ways: either with our own hands with simple exercises, going to a professional masseuse or with aesthetic devices indicated for this purpose. Whichever form is chosen, it is a good treatment that performed regularly helps us effectively reduce the effects of aging.

How to perform the best types of facial massage to rejuvenate the face

Before performing a facial massage , it is essential that we perform a full facial cleansing of our face. In this way we will eliminate not only the remains of makeup but also particles of contamination, bacteria, etc. that remain attached to our skin, leaving it relaxed and ready to receive the stimulation caused by the massage. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

The types of facial massage are based on finding the tension points of the facial muscles and applying pressure to relax them. Therefore, once we have smeared our hands of cream or oil to facilitate sliding, we can start by following this simple scheme:

1- The eye contour is one of the most sensitive areas, and prone to cause problems such as bags or dark circles. To relax them, lightly strike with the fingertips around the eyes and at the temples. Then, press with both index fingers on the eyebrow and make a move from the bottom up, finishing the forehead. It is one of the best types of facial massage techniques and benefits.

2- In the area of ​​the nose we also find a point of tension that is located just between the bridge of the nose and the tear. Make a gentle pressure and continue down the area under the lower eyelid, from the inside out, to prevent the appearance of bags in the eyes.

3- The forehead is one of the points where we can accumulate more stress. Avoid it with a light relaxing massage that starts from the center towards the temples, without over-tightening as we could aggravate the problem.

4- Go on to massage the chin, pinching its contour slightly, making a gentle movement with the fingers starting from the center of the chin and going up until it ends in the ears, an exercise that helps keep the skin of the neck firm and smooth.

With these simple exercises, we can contribute to improve the health of our skin and improve the facial structure, keeping our face young for longer. If you have any questions, we have prepared an explanatory video for you. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.

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