A law-abiding citizen (2009). Description

The film tells about the life of Clyde Alexander Shelton, who lost his beloved daughter and wife. The criminal was put in jail, but thanks to good money, the killer managed to avoid a heavy punishment. Clyde's former lawyer said that they will not be able to win the case completely, since a lot of money and connections are involved in the process. Instead of punishing the criminal himself, they put in jail a thief who failed to stop the killer. This thief is sentenced to death and killed in prison. The real killer gets only three years in prison. Clyde sees how the killer and the prosecutor shake hands after the trial, so he gets a lot of anger and resentment from such justice inside.<br />
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Seeing such lawlessness, Clyde decides to take revenge on the criminal who killed his loved ones on his own. He develops a plan very carefully, kidnaps the killer and begins to mock him in an abandoned house. Over time, the police get on the trail of Clyde, and he is detained. Shelton says that he wanted to take revenge on the killer on his own, since justice could not do it. In addition, he gives the prosecutor an ultimatum to be released, since otherwise people will continue to die without his participation. The prosecutor does not believe him at first, but later there is a series of deaths that make you think. The fascinating movie law-abiding citizen can now be watched online for free in HD 720 quality at home.<br />


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