Recipe for cooking pizza at home

At first glance, it seems, well, what could be easier than cooking pizza. I kneaded the dough, rolled it out, sprinkled it with sausage and cheese, and that's it, the pizza is ready. But not everything is so simple, cooking pizza at home has its own tricks.
Today we will give our readers recommendations on how to bake pizza properly. And also we will offer an interesting recipe for cooking pizza at home.
Pizza will be delicious only if the crust is ruddy, the filling is properly selected, and the sauce is fragrant and rich. And each ingredient needs to be approached with full responsibility.
How to make delicious dough?
Take half a glass of warm water and 20g of yeast. Stir the yeast in the water until completely dissolved. Next, sift the flour and add a little sugar and salt to it, mix, make a recess in the flour and gradually pour in water with yeast, mix with the other hand.
Knead the dough only with your hands, then the dough will turn out elastic and airy. Knead until it becomes pliable and soft, do not forget to add flour so that the dough does not stick.
When your dough is ready, let it come up a little, this makes the taste noticeably better. To make the dough fit faster, put it in a warm place and cover it with a towel, so a favorable microclimate will be created inside.
Many women prefer purchased frozen dough, it is, of course, inferior in quality to homemade, but it may well help out when there is no time to mess with the dough. The frozen dough should be allowed to stand for several hours before use.
Pizza recipe at home: crispy crust
The secret is that you first bake the cake, and only then spread the products on it and put it in the oven for 15 minutes. The dough, of course, is not baked completely, somewhere in half.
• If you like thin pizza, then you should roll out the dough thinner, and if you prefer thick, then make the dough thick and do not stretch it much in the pan.
• A crispy crust can be made if you pour less water into the dough, so it turns out more dense and dries.
Here you can show your imagination and cook the kind of pizza that you love. For any pizza, in principle, any hard cheese is suitable.
Pizza New York: prepare in a minimalist style, all the products a little bit.
Chicago pizza: more satisfying and fatty, it has a lot of meat, various sausages, minced meat and bacon, as well as mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes. Different types of cheese are added to this pizza.
Italian pizza: basil, oregano, anchovies, cheese, sausages or meat.
The most unusual pizza is probably Californian, you can see fruits and vegetables, salmon and other unusual components in it.
Cooking pizza at home requires that all products are of high quality and fresh. This is especially true for meat products and cheese. If you like various herbs and spices, be sure to chop them before putting them in a pizza.
If you use canned food and marinades, be sure to put all the products in a colander and let the brine drain, otherwise your pizza will be wet.
The right sauce will set a good tone for any pizza. You can either buy it in the store or cook it yourself.
Sauce recipe: fry garlic and onion in olive oil, add a little tomato juice or grated tomato. Next, salt and ground pepper, cook the whole pasta for a few minutes. Now you can add any herbs that you like. If your pizza is with minced meat, you can safely put it in that sauce.
Use only thick types of sauces, as the liquid will simply drain from the pizza and it will not be.
If you are afraid that the cheese will burn, pour the sauce over all the products. Do not overdo the pizza in the oven, otherwise it will not be tasty and too dry.
Cooking pizza at home is an opportunity not only to have a delicious lunch, but also to show your culinary talents.
We hope that our recipe for cooking pizza at home will appeal to you, your family and guests. We wish you a pleasant appetite!

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