There is no doubt that trees provide great benefit to those who live and work in built-up urban areas. As trees grow larger and mature, this benefit is only increasing. However, with these benefits comes additional risk as the age of the tree increases, such as root problems and the possibility of falling branches. Urban trees in particular require careful management with responsible owners who recognize both the benefits and risks.

The potential risk can be exacerbated by bad weather such as high winds, snow or prolonged cold conditions. Nearby construction may also affect trees in a negative way. Therefore, management strategies are important, so that the trees can continue to bring benefits to all the people who live and work in the area. Those who own the trees need to be responsible for recognizing the risk, safely responding to bad weather damage and attempting to help the trees affected by any nearby construction.

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Identifying Risk Trees

When the tree becomes damaged, old or sick, parts could fall and cause property damage and injury to people. This makes the tree a liability. By understanding the risks posed by the trees on your property, you can take action to make the tree more secure and extend its life.

A tree surgeon is the perfect professional to help you manage the trees and can provide information and services to help you reduce the risks that may be associated with certain types of trees on your property. They may suggest some of the following actions:

Remove a problem. Yes, it is not possible to move house or power lines, but it is possible to move things like garden furniture, vehicles and anything else at risk from falling tree debris.

Pruning. Every branch suffering from a disease or disability can be cut back. Pruning incorrectly can significantly weaken the tree, so it must be done by a professional. For a Poole Tree Surgeon, visit

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Cabling and bracing. This is a technique that provides support for weak stems or branches to help improve the stability and improve the opportunity for them to grow.

Routine maintenance. A tree surgeon is the best person to provide regular and routine care to adult trees and pruning them in the right season.

Remove the tree. A final but sometimes only safe option. If there is deemed unacceptable level of risk, the tree will be removed but there is always the possibility to be able to plant new trees in a better location.

As we enter the winter, bad weather is expected and it’s weather like this that has a lasting impact on our property and our environment. Strong winds and heavy rain soften the hard ground and can uproot even the sturdiest trees. Lightning can strike the tree and the water evaporates, leaving the skin split and exploded! A fallen tree can bring down walls, electric poles and cause a significant risk for car drivers and pedestrians. Before winter falls, be sure to check your surroundings and take preventive measures which can include:

Assess the possibility that the area could be damaged by the trees nearby

Taking the proper safety precautions

Do not do the work alone, always hire a professional.

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