Taxi drivers most likely know a great many secrets about their passengers. A new survey of taxi drivers has revealed a insight into the strange antics of passengers and it turns out that some of them are pretty dishonest types. Almost half of taxi drivers have responded saying that they have heard a passenger lie about where they are or where they are going when on their mobiles. What are these people up to? The drivers have also revealed some of the weird and wonderful objects that get left behind on the back seat. In fact they find so many items they have had to start storing them in their shed on the garage shelving they sourced at links like In a survey of more than one thousand drivers, here are some of the more bizarre items:

A baby – we can all be a bit forgetful at times but forgetting your own baby? The tot, thought to be less than one year old, was left in the back of the vehicle and taken to a police station after its neglectful guardian failed to return.

A dead cat – now we don’t know if it was alive when it entered the cab or really what on earth went on at all, but a dead cat? I mean, come on that’s just too weird!

False Teeth – ok so someone needed to give their gums a rest, not so strange is it? The hapless owner was no doubt devastated when it was time for dinner.

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False legs – surely the owner of this would notice a slight issue when trying to exit the vehicle? Unless, of course, they were just carrying a spare! Or maybe it was someone else’s artificial leg because surely you’d notice if you were missing a vital limb.

Urns – maybe that was the wish of the dearly departed, gto be transported around town in the back of a taxi.

A plasma TV – finally a relatively normal purchase but how can you forget it, I mean it’s not that small is it?

Two dead mice – could this be something to do with the dead cat? Most likely, they were a pet snake’s dinner. That would have been one grumpy snake come dinner time.

£1000 in an envelope – the lovely, honest taxi driver realised that the old lady he’d just dropped off at the post office must have left her savings in the back of his cab. He drove back to return it to the rather shocked and speechless lady.

Zimmer Frame – there must be a poor man or woman somewhere struggling to get about, unless people have spares lying around. Either way, quite a large object to not notice as you get out of the cab!

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A goldfish – if you had an unwanted prize from a funfair then why would you leave it in the back of a cab? Hoping to pass on the responsibility of pet ownership to the driver maybe?

A large tent – if this was on the way to a festival then someone would have had a rather cold and possibly wet night under the stars!



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