laura pausini net worth

This artist of Italian origin has undoubtedly broken all borders and has projected herself on the international scene in a way that few artists have managed. Laura Pausini (May 16, 1974) also has one of the most prodigious voices of her time, and she makes us fall in love every day with her romantic and melancholic melodies. Come and learn more about her story in Laura Pausini’s net worth, lifestyle and biography!

Laura Pausini biography

Laura Pausini was born in Faenza, Province of Ravenna (Italy) on May 16, 1974. However, she lived most of her childhood in Solarolo, with her parents. From a very young age, she was interested in music, so her father, Fabrizio Pausini, always supported her and accompanied her to all her presentations in small bars in the town. In this way, Laura displayed exceptional skill, talent and voice.

At just 8 years old, he had already composed his first song, Lasciami dormire, and at the surprising age of 13 he had already recorded his first studio album. Laura Pausini was undoubtedly born for music. This would be confirmed when, in 1993, participate in the San Remo Festival, where she performed one of her most emblematic songs, La solitudine, and was victorious, obtaining more than 7000 votes from the public.

laura pausini net worth

Taking advantage of the victory at the festival and its growing popularity, her album Laura Pausini came out that same year. This included the single La solitudine, which became a resounding success in Europe, Latin America and the United States. This album sold more than 3 million copies in the world. Certifying as a Gold Record in various countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, France and Switzerland, and as a Platinum Record in Portugal. She even managed to be certified as Double Platinum in the Netherlands.

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Laura Pausini net worth

On July 2, 2007, Laura Pausini was the first woman to fill the 71,000 seats of the Giuseppe Meazza de San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy. Her net worth is about 20 million US dollars. In it, he attracted fans from around the world, proof of his great influence. One of the most outstanding features of Laura Pausini’s career is her great talent to enter the international market. He has produced themes in different languages: Spanish, English, Italian, Sicilian, Portuguese, French and Latin.

International projection

In 1994 his album Laura was released, which had a wonderful reception and sold more than 4 million copies worldwide. Undoubtedly, the young Italian had already managed to tear down all the borders in her native country and was taking over the international scene by leaps and bounds.

That same year the album Laura Pausini, her first album was released for Latin America, and featured several of her most outstanding songs, including La soledad and Amores strangeños, which became a resounding success in Latin America.

In 1996 the album Las cosas que vives came out, which featured a song of his authorship, entitled The world that I dreamed of. The purpose of this theme was to raise funds for Unicef.

Later he devoted himself to promoting his latest album in order to start an extensive tour of Latin America, Spain and the United States. In 1997 she participated in the Viña del Mar Festival, where she established herself as one of the musical artists of the moment.

In 1998 he launched My Response, in which he began to show traces of maturity and personal growth. This album did not reach the same sales as her previous album. However, the songs included in it reached the top positions on radio stations in various countries.

The new millennium for Laura Pausini

The new millennium represented a time of change and evolution for the young Italian artist, and this was evidenced in her album Entre tú y mil mares, which was released in 2000. Pausini left adolescent songs behind and dedicated himself to deeper and more mature themes.

Laura Pausini received the Lunezia Prize as the best composer of the year thanks to this album. In 2001, she was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category of the best female pop vocal album and best producer of the year.

In 2001, he compiled his most successful songs to give them a more up-to-date air on the album, entitled The Best of Laura Pausini: I’ll come back with you, which became a resounding success in sales. In 2002, From The Inside was released, which included important songs such as Surrender If That’s Love and I Need Love, which were also adapted.

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In 2004 Laura Pausini’s new album, titled Listen, was considered the most aggressive artist. She put aside the romance in her songs and focused on themes of disappointment and optimism. It was the 2005 Latin Grammy winner in the category of the best female pop vocal album. In 2006 he obtained another Grammy for Yo canto, an album that compiles the 16 best songs by various Italian artists of the last century.

Beneficence and last years

Laura Pausini, throughout her career, has been dedicated to raising funds for those most in need. He participated countless times in various activities to support the neediest people, even giving the rights to some of his songs so that all the funds go to charity and the reconstruction of cities destroyed by natural disasters.

He participated in Pavarotti & Friends on several occasions. He performed concerts for the victims of September 11 and those affected by the great earthquake in the city of Abruzzo in 2010. Also, in 2013, after two years of inactivity, he released his album Inédito. Parallel to his departure, he began a great tour toured various parts of the world.

For 2014 Laura Pausini decided to be part of the La Voz México project to discover and train new talents. A year later, he embarked on a tour with his new album, Simila, which achieved moderate success.

Just arrived in 2018, after a pause, he announced his return with the departure of Make You Feel, and later he would undertake his largest tour to date.

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