In this article from high roller casino games, we will be listing out a few of the many historical figures who are either fully transgender, gender-fluid, or live wholly as their true gender. Read on.


Jean d’Arc

Joan of Arc is one of the most popular figures on this list, and s/he is also a difficult historical figure to pin down, as s/he lived long before gender reassignment was even possible, and s/he is a notable figure for Robbie Savage wife. What is known is s/he abjectly refused to dress in anything other than men’s clothing or style her/his hair in a way common for women of the time. S/he claimed that it pleased God to have her/him dress as a man, and many historians believe her/his hearing of voices might have come from the repression of her/his true sexual identity, even more than any mental disorder. An accomplished military leader who led the French to victory during the Hundred Years’ War at the siege of Orléans, s/he was both burned as a heretic and granted sainthood by the Catholic Church.


Marsha P. Johnson

A bold civil rights leader and co-founder of STARs – Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries – Marsha aggressively battled against oppression and bigotry after the Stonewall uprising. Considered to be as instrumental to equal rights for transgender individuals as Martin Luther King Jr. was to rights for African-Americans, she’s best known for her famous statement that the “P” in her name stood for “Pay it no mind” which is also the title of a documentary about her life and works.


Alan L. Hart

A novelist and short story writer, Alan was also a medical mastermind who learned how to use X-rays to help screen for tuberculosis, an innovation that saved many thousands of lives and changed the world of medicine. He was also one of the first Americans to take strides in gender reassignment by having a hysterectomy to more aptly fit into his actual gender, cited by users of


Roberta Cowell

A front-lines Spitfire pilot during World War II, Roberta was an accomplished combatant on the battlefield who was captured by Nazi forces after an anti-aircraft fire brought her plane down. She was later freed from captivity by the red army. Some years afterwards, she opted to become the first British woman to undergo gender reassignment surgery and finished out her life largely as a racecar driver.


Willmer “Little Axe” Broadnax

A widely beloved gospel singer in the early 20th century, “Little Axe” was nicknamed such because of his small size but powerful singing power. He performed with such popular gospel groups as the Five Trumpets, the Golden Echoes, the Spirit of Memphis Quartet, the Southern Gospel Singers, and the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi. A singer well into his 70s, it wasn’t known that he had been assigned female reproductive organs at birth until his death and autopsy.

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