The knee is one of the joints you rely on most often throughout the day. Developing pain or sustaining an injury can be a lot easier than you think, but if you take some simple precautions in your daily routine you can both get rid of knee pain and prevent it from occurring in the first place. So here are some tips to help you do just that, courtesy of your friends at Ortho Virginia:

Watch Your Weight

When you become overweight you are placing undue stress on your joints, including the hips, ankles, and knees. This excess weight increases your risk of osteoarthritis and weakens the quadriceps. It’s important to keep those muscles strong and vibrant as they are the main support for your knees. If the quadriceps aren’t up to snuff, your knees can really pay the price.

Sensible Shoes

Your shoes do more than protect your feet from the rough terrain of the outside world, they also help to safeguard and support your arches and your legs, particularly the ankles, calves, and knees. High heels look good but they can be rough on your feet, causing them to pronate too much which can result in the arch of the foot collapsing. This can trigger a chain reaction of pain and discomfort throughout the extent of the lower leg.

Wearing shoes that hold your feet in place and use shorter heels are much better for your feet and your knees. You should also look for shoes with cushioned soles for greater support for the knee and rubber soles that increase traction as you walk. You won’t sustain any slip and fall accidents with a good reliable sole, this will help to minimize injuries to the knee.

Stronger Muscles

Your muscles serve as a protective system for your joints, especially your knees. That’s why it’s a good idea to strengthen your core muscles as they will help you improve your posture and keep your spine in proper alignment. Bad posture and alignment can have a devastating impact on your knees over the long term, causing them to ache.

Remember, the more pressure taken off your knees, the better it will be for their well-being. So, focus on strengthening your hip, leg, and posterior muscles and you will feel a big difference almost immediately.

Knee Protection

When you are kneeling down on any hard surface, be sure to place some kind of padding between your knee and the surface. Whether it’s a pillow or a dependable knee pad, any protection of this nature will be a vital ally in keeping your knees from suffering the pain and discomfort that comes from kneeling. These effects can be found in your ligaments and tendons that can be compressed every time you kneel against a hard surface.

If you find yourself kneeling down routinely, you must remember to give your knees the support and protection required. Knees that go unprotected through repetitive kneeling can start to develop bursitis, which can be very painful.

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