Can I remove my own Lipoma

The main cause of a fat cyst is that the hair follicle becomes inflamed, creating lots of cells where a protein called keratin is secreted. Sometimes it is due to skin lesions, sunburn, acne, or family history in others. Can I remove my own Lipoma? Some experts say that excessive stress can also lead to sebaceous cysts.

The cyst is painless and easily seen because it appears as a small bump under the skin. Symptoms appear if it gets infected. In this case, there may be redness, warm skin, irritation, tenderness or pus discharge. With the passage of time as you get older, it is possible for balls on the skin. These small, firm and whitish-looking balls are not at all painful or annoying but are aesthetically unpleasant. A ball of fat usually appears on the back, neck, shoulders, abdomen, arms, thighs. It is fluid and moves with minimal finger contact.

Can I remove my own Lipoma?

It is usually 2 inches long, but it can grow and can cause pain In this guide you will find 3 different and useful methods on how to remove the fat balls.

  • 100% natural calendula cream
  • Sterile patches or gauze
  • Scalpel
  • Sterilized needle

Moisturize the skin

Lipomas usually do not need any kind of treatment but in cases where it causes pain or grows, the ideal is to remove them through surgical removal or liposuction to remove the ball of fat from the body. There is an extremely safe DIY remedy to get rid of small fat balls. The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean and hydrate the area adjacent to the ball of fat. Once the area has been washed and dried “dabbing with a clean towel” it will be necessary to apply some Calendula cream (the cream must create a thick layer on the ball of fat and cover it completely). Subsequently, the ball of fat, and therefore also the layer of cream, must be isolated using a sterile plaster or gauze. This pack must be recreated for about 15-20 days. The calendula cream will completely eliminate the fat ball.

Go to the beautician

Another very effective method to eliminate the fat balls on the skin of the body is to visit a professional beautician. The beautician will use a small sterilized needle to score the ball of fat. Subsequently, the beautician will compress the ball of fat and let the liquid contained out of it. Only at this point, the area from which the fat ball has been extracted will be medicated until the skin is completely healed. It is very important that this operation is performed by a professional beautician and not reproduced at home with DIY techniques, as it could leave scars on the skin.

Go to the doctor

Lipomas usually do not need any type of treatment but in cases where they cause pain or grow, the ideal is to remove them by surgical extraction or liposuction. To eliminate the balls of fat on delicate areas such as armpits, face and genital areas, it is advisable to contact your doctor. The doctor, depending on the size of the balls of fat and their position, can remove the unsightly balls of fat with the help of a scalpel or create a recipe for a professional check-up at a surgeon or a professional dermatologist. It is advisable to contact your doctor when the balls of fat are very numerous or exceed the size of 5 mm.

The aloe vera plant can fight bacteria and relieve the pain of fat cysts. Ideally, apply it directly to the skin and let it work.

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