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Month: March 2022

The Chernobyl Liquidators

In our modern world, we have resolutions to many of the issues that once posed a problem to us. Nuclear power is one of the most controversial topics of all and came with a huge array of solutions to our problems, but also created problems of its own. Read More

windows 10 whql support

What is windows 10 whql support?

Microsoft has just released Windows 10 version 1903, which includes a new security feature called “Windows as a Service” (WaaS) that enables Windows 10 to be updated automatically. The new feature is enabled by default and allows users to receive updates without having to go through a lengthy manual process. However, WaaS does have one major drawback, and that is it only supports Windows 10 Enterprise. This means that if you are a small business owner or a home user, you won’t be able to use WaaS. Fortunately, there is a way around this problem. Read More

Top Tips for staying safe on UK motorways

It might not seem like it but the motorways in the UK are statistically the safest roads. They only account for 3% of accidents and 4% of fatalities. Because of the fast speeds involved though, when something does go wrong, it can have very serious consequences. Here are some tips for staying safe on the motorways:


Moving from the slip road onto the motorway, always indicate right to give other road users a clear signal of your intention to merge. Try to match your speed with that of the lane you’re merging with and always find a suitable gap. It’s important not to slow down too much or come to a complete stop as such actions could be dangerous and frustrating to others.

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It’s important to be in the left lane in plenty of time and be aware of the 100-yard markings approaching every exit. Aim to turn on your indicator by the 300-yard marker. Try to avoid decelerating whilst still on the motorway but reduce speed on the slip road as this is safer. Often slip roads have more than one lane, so be sure to get into the correct one for your destination.

Be Aware

Drive safely past any roadside assistance vehicles, such as those marked with Chapter 8 Chevrons. Find out more at

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Knowing the lanes

The left lane is designed for travelling in, whilst the middle and right-hand lane are for overtaking. You should avoid staying too long in either of these lanes and remaining in the middle lane is now an offence.


Tips for Choosing a Mobility Ramp

When choosing a mobility ramp, keep the following tips in mind. First, consider the patient’s mobility device. If the patient is recovering from surgery, they may still be using a wheelchair, rollator, or cane. In such a case, a portable ramp may be the best option. If not, consider a permanent ramp. It will make it easier for the patient to move around. Once you know what type of mobility device the person uses, you can start looking for the right mobility ramp. For Disability Aids, consider

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The maximum weight allowed for a mobility ramp should be carefully considered. It should be wide enough to allow the wheelchair or scooter to pass through, but not too wide as to make it difficult to fit to doorways or vehicles. You will need two measurements. The first is the height of the ramp to where it will rest, which is called the load weight. The second is the depth to make sure the ramp is long enough. It should have sufficient head clearance. If you’re unsure about the maximum weight of your wheelchair or scooter, you can consult the manufacturer for guidance. You’ll also need to consider the type of slope you’ll need, whether you need a wedge to enter a property, a ramp for stairs or a ramp for a vehicle, for example.

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Choosing the right length of a mobility ramp is crucial because it determines the slope a wheelchair or scooter will have to climb. If a mobility ramp is too short, the wheelchair or scooter will have too steep of a slope.You’ll need to check these regulations with the manufacturer of your power chair or scooter before choosing a mobility ramp.