The workplace is a lot safer than it used to be – the law has changed a lot over the years to ensure that there are high standards that reduce risks that can happen in the workplace. Of course, there are higher risks in some jobs than in others – a tree surgeon is much more likely to be injured than an office worker is for example!

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But there are things that can potentially happen in all workplaces, no p=matter how safe you may think it is – for this reason you should always have staff who have been trained in first aid by a professional, like this first aid at work Cheltenham based course as you never know what might happen.

Machinery Accidents – These sorts of accidents can be very nasty or even fatal – the sorts of industries where they are more likely to happen include construction, agriculture and factory based work, where there are lots of large machines around all the time. When working with machinery, it is important that all staff who use it are thoroughly trained to do so, and that all staff are aware of the safety guidelines and safe working procedures.

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Chemical or Substance related Accidents – These are the sorts of accidents that could happen in a laboratory, waste disposal or maybe in a construction environment – substances like asbestos are extremely dangerous and proper training must be given to people who are likely to be working with dangerous substances.

Electrical Accidents – Wherever there are electricals there is the potential for an electrical accident – an office is the obvious place as it is full of many electrical items, and often these can cause electric shocks or fires. It is important that electrical items are tested regularly to ensure that they are safe.

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