If you have decided that you are going to become a landlord and have bought your first property, congratulations! A property to rent out is a great investment, which can give you an income into retirement and also be handed down to family in your will.

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However, something that many people want to know as a first-time landlord, is how to decorate the property to make it attractive for renters. This is a very different thing to decorating your own home and you have to leave personal tastes behind you and instead consider practical and durable options.

The first thing to remember is to keep it neutral. When you are painting a property (and painting a rental property is preferable to wallpapering as it is much easier to paint over if needed) it needs to be a blank canvas. Neutral tones – white, or magnolia – are the ones to go for so that you don’t risk losing potential renters who may not have the same taste in décor as you.

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Flooring too should be practical and durable – go for something like this laminate wood flooring at Irwin tiles which is both modern and hard-wearing. Don’t spend a fortune on having expensive carpets laid in a rental home.

Make sure that everything is in good working order and in a state of good repair. Having the most modern and expensive fixtures and fittings is not necessary, as long as things are working properly and of course are safe.

By Roger Walker

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