Fat and grease building up in the pipes of your home can be a common issue, but it is one that can be avoided to a certain degree. Having large amounts of grease and debris that has washed down your plughole collecting together can cause big problems not only in your internal pipes but also in the wider sewage system. In some cases, fatbergs can appear and these can become very large and cause issues with the drainage pipes that may require their removal and Drain Lining, like that from Wilkinson Environmental installed.

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When grease, fat and all manner of items combine together in your pipes it can cause blockages that then cause water to back up your pipes and into your sinks as well as nasty smells emanating from the pipes. It can also cause problems further down the pipes with ‘fatbergs’ that can build up in the drainage pipes and in the sewer systems. There have been reports of huge ‘fatberg’s blocking entire sewage systems that needed to be removed to allow the water to freeflow again.

The kitchen sink is the one area where most blockages can occur. This is due to the fact that a number of different food items as well as grease and oil can end up being poured down the sink. Another reason for the increase in the potential for problems in a kitchen sink is that as the water moves through the pipes are starts to cool the fat starts to solidify once again. So whilst you might be pouring hot oil or grease down the sink, by the time it gets midway down the pipe it will already have started to cool and turn back into a solid once again.

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In the first instance if you have a small blockage you might want to look at some of the drain cleaners that work on the fat and grime that has accumulated and breaks it down into smaller pieces so that when you run the tap you can push it through the system into the large drain pipes out in the street. It is important that you use these products appropriately and that you use them as soon as you start to notice that the water flow is reducing.

In order to prevent the problems from occurring you should ensure that you do not place any oil or grease down your sink and if you are washing up your cooking utensils you should look to use some paper towels to wipe out your frying pans first before you place them in the water. Make sure that you use enough washing up liquid to help break down the grease on the pans and plates.

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