why does dogs scratch the bed

There are certain behaviors in dogs that you will probably have trouble figuring out. They have instincts that escape the naked eye of human understanding, so don’t worry if your faithful companion barks in unexpected circumstances, wants to quickly get in and out of the balcony, spin and scratch the bed a lot before bed, or make noises that they seem strange to you when sleeping. Everything has its explanation, as much as it may seem strange to you.

For example, the behavior of scratching the bed happens the same they do a lot throughout the day, surely almost every time you see them lie down on it and especially at night before sleeping. They also rub themselves on the sofa, in their own bed or in yours, and sometimes cry or make some noises, such as slight groans, without being able to understand the cause. If you want to know why does dogs scratch the bed and more details about this behavior, we recommend that you continue reading this curious article.

Why does dogs scratch the bed? Reasons

There are several reasons for canines to scratch the bed and spin before sleeping. Some are shared by humans: just as you toss and turn in bed until you find the right sleeping position, so does your dog every day. However, there are more explanations.

why does dogs scratch the bed

Filing your nails

Your dog may have nails that are too long, so he will scratch his bed and other furniture around the house to try to file them. If you want to prevent him from doing it for this reason and so that he doesn’t get hurt, you have two options: cut them off with all the precautions or, if you can because it’s better, go to a vet to do it. Here we leave you an explanatory video on How to cut nails for dogs.

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Dogs scratch the bed to remove accumulated energy

Scratching the bed can be a symptom of accumulated energy, especially if they are dogs that are very active on a regular basis and that in the last few days have gone out less or, in general, have exercised less. If this is the case, the dog feels the need to expend this accumulated energy and uses this action to release tension. The solution is very simple: play with him, walk on the street and let him run both at home and in the garden or public parks to tire him out. Giving him this freedom of movement is a good decision to prevent future psychological and physical problems, which also lead to behavioral problems.

Own territory

Just as they usually mark territory with urine, they also do so with the smell of some of their glands, such as the ones on their foot pads, where they sweat. These glands give off odor, which for us is not easily perceived and is unique to each dog, so by scratching the bed or other surfaces they get their aroma on the fabric to mark the area.

Regulate temperature

In very cold times, dogs may feel the need to scratch the bed before sleeping to increase its temperature and regulate it so that the cold passes. In this way, your body manages to activate circulation and raise its temperature by entering heat. On the other hand, if the dog is outside, for example in the garden, and scratches the ground making a hole in the heat of the season, it will be precisely to be cooler, not because of the activity itself that activates its circulation, but because later it will have a cooler hole in which to lie down, because the earth under the first layers is colder than on the surface.

Get comfortable

It is the reason that your dog shares with you. Your dog wants to settle in bed, so he turns, like you do in yours, and scratches until he finds the most comfortable posture so he can sleep. He needs to feel comfortable, so as much as you put the bed, blankets, and cushion on him, he’ll rearrange himself and hollow out the bed to comfortably reposition the padding for him before bed. So, on more than one occasion you may have thought something like this: my dog ​​adjusts his bed, how curious! Now you know why he does it.

Why does my dog ​​scratch his bed and cry?

If the dog scratches his bed and cries, it is that something happens to him, he not only wants to settle down to sleep well. Take note of possible reasons:

  1. The first and most common possibility is that they claim your attention with soft whimpers or whimpers, but which can end in short barking. He feels bored or needs to be with you, so it is his way of asking you to caress him and give him that love that comforts him so much.
  2. In the case of a female, there may be more reasons related to pregnancy, pseudopregnancy and heat. Thus, it may be because, if she is pregnant, she is looking for a place to be able to give birth, that is, a nest is being prepared, as this is a clear sign that the dog is in labor or about to start. If you are not, there is a possibility that you may have a psychological pregnancy, which leads to behaviors such as those that occur during pregnancy.
  3. The best way to treat this problem is to go to a vet to be sure to treat it with knowledge. Finally, if you are in heat you may have this behavior because you are looking to get attention, looking for other dogs, and because you feel a little strange. Here you can learn more about What to do if my dog ​​cries and is in heat.
  4. If you’ve just adopted your canine companion, during the process of adjusting to his new home, he may scratch the bed and cry. It xanax is part of this stage, thus releasing the accumulated anxiety about separating from your dog family or from other people and about the new situation itself. Be very patient and try to give him all the love to make him see that he is in his new house and that he will be safe.
  5. Finally, if you detect that your dog is scratching the bed and crying, check that it is physically well. Due to some health problems, you may have these behaviors as a method of channeling your nerves and the pain you are feeling. See a vet to treat you with the appropriate medicines or therapies so that you can recover as soon as possible.

Why is my dog ​​rubbing in my bed?

Another frequent behavior in many canines is the instinct to scrub for the furniture in the house most used by their human companion, that is, the more odor of this person they have, such as the case that your dog scratches your bed or sofa.

By having such a developed sense of smell, a dog immediately perceives your aroma and dogs like to share the smell with those who feel good, a way to have more connection and sometimes show other animals that you share your life and form a group or herd. You can also do it to mark territory, such as in your own bed, if you are used to sleeping with you. In any case, if you do not want me to scratch your bed, always keep the door of the room closed and you will not be able to do so.

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