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The slow and deep voice of Whoopi Goldberg is enough to fill any space. This was demonstrated both in a small room full of captivated journalists and on the wide stage of the Verona Philharmonic Theater, where he presented last Tuesday the Pirelli 2020 calendar before about 500 guests. The actress of films like The Purple Color (1985), Ghost (1990), Sister Act (1992) or The Lion King(1994) is not easy to typecast. She is also a humorist, producer, screenwriter, singer, writer and political activist. Goldberg is already a great grandmother. She has claimed these days in the city of Juliet, the right of women to be and do what they want.

Whoopi Goldberg net worth and present condition

Next year’s almanac includes the work of photographer Paolo Roversi, in which the artist looks for Juliet in each woman through actresses Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Yara Shahidi, Claire Foy, Mia Goth and Indya Moore, singers Chris Lee and Rosalia and the author’s daughter, artist Stella Roversi. Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth is about 45 million US dollars. Which is so remarkable at the age of 64.

The master of ceremonies

It is a role in which she is already an expert after having presented the Oscars up to four times (between 1994 and 2002), has shown her admiration for the photographer’s work. “It’s an extraordinary calendar, but the main thing about looking for Juliet is that it can surprise everyone. We never think of Juliet in current terms, but the truth is that we are all Juliet,” said Goldberg a day before the presentation. Read also: Bruce Willis Net Worth, Biography and Lifestyle

Whoopi Goldberg net worth

“It’s all for us, people who look for love, who look for magic,” continued the actress. “Because it’s not a matter of age, you can be 105 years old and be Juliet, you can be 64 or you can be 22 and still be Juliet. She is in all.” Goldberg has sought love several times throughout his life and has been married three times. Now, as he has highlighted in several interviews, he does not want to live with anyone, although he does not hesitate to answer: “Yes, of course, I believe in love.” “I have a wonderful family and great friends. I am very lucky,” he said.

Great grandmother

The actress became a great grandmother with 58 years. However, what really “was a shock” was being a grandmother at 30, he admitted. “My mother lived to meet her great-grandchildren, 20 years old was the oldest, and I only expect the same. My great-granddaughter is five years old, so I have given myself some time. But I feel very lucky every day.”

During the last year, Goldberg has gone through various health problems. After six months without appearing on the television show The View, which is one of the usual gatherings since 2007, it began to speculate that the reason for his absence and such secrecy was that he could present the 2019 Oscars. He had no presenter since Kevin Hart retired after making homophobic jokes that he had tweeted long ago. However, in March, a month after the film ceremony was held, the actress revealed that she had suffered pneumonia and sepsis.. And a month after the news, he was admitted to the hospital for a relapse. Now, in the Italian city, all those problems seem to be left behind. With a calm mood and an easy smile, I did not doubt: “I am happy because I have decided to be. It is very hard to be sad all the time.” Continue reading: Xzibit net worth


For the first time, the already mythical calendar of the tire brand is accompanied by a short film. In the film Roversi, he plays himself as a film director interviewing candidates for the role of Juliet. “I don’t know if we see enough women playing roles like that. We don’t see women simply together. We see women eager for romance or sexuality. We don’t see enough women just having fun,” Goldberg said. “They are not waiting for anyone to tell them who they are and what they can do. They put where they want to be. And that is the beauty of the matter. That is what Julieta did. She put herself where she wanted to be,” she expressed about the protagonists’ performance.

Whoopi Goldberg biography

Best Hollywood actress

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most admired actresses in Hollywood after becoming one of the few people in the world to win the four most important awards in the industry: an Emmy, a Grammy, a Tony and an Oscar. In this way, the question about the film that awarded him this last award – a Golden Globe and a BAFTA – is inevitable. “A remake of Ghost ?” Someone dared. “They have probably redone it and I missed it. They have remade the lion king ,” he joked. “I have acted in more than 50 films. Some will do it again. I understand why I just want them to be smarter because you can’t recreate what it was.”

Two years ago, the actress was one of those portrayed for the Pirelli calendar by photographer Tim Walker, whose almanac was starred by African-American characters and inspired by the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Goldberg has been manifesting itself for more diversity in the industry for years. “I think I’m so old that I don’t have an heiress. There are hundreds of them and that’s great. 40 years ago you couldn’t say that I was the baby and the new one. Now there are many and it is fascinating to see them. It has made aging easier. It has been interesting, not difficult.” However, he also pointed out that now, “the problem is to convince people” that they can still act. But the actress could not leave the sentence without a positive message: “I think every day you wake up alive is a day you are lucky. It is a good day.”

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