what to do after break up with girlfriend

The breakup of a relationship (regardless of how long it lasted) is a process that takes time and action, particularly when we talk about a toxic relationship. According to the research, it all starts by seeing a breakup as it is: an emotional loss, therefore, must be lived as a duel.

What to do after break up with girlfriend?

The only thing that is not worth in this part is to stay within the process, extend it more than is due. It is valid to cry, even deal with depression, as well as the miss that person. Then there will come a period of denial ‘How is it possible that we are finished? But later, the most important thing comes at a personal level: assimilation. Continue reading: Types of attraction.

Accept the loss:

It is necessary to recognize that you are alone, and you must move on with your life. Rebuild your routine, dedicate time to yourself. The most important thing is that now it is you and nobody else.


In this part, the most important thing is to work your self-esteem, because dealing with the ‘I don’t want to fix’ mentality is the most common. This is the phase in which you stop putting on makeup, you leave your clothes more comfortable, and you only eat ice cream. Force yourself to get ready, because if you get ready for it, now it is much more important that you get ready for yourself.

Social networks:

To really heal, for mental health l or more advisable is to eliminate all possible contact with that person through social networks (in order to avoid falling into that relationship again). Block your phone or any form of contact so that you can live your pain. If necessary, you can also eliminate family or friends from your former partner even if you have had a good relationship with them and have nothing to do with your breakup. If you want to keep those long-term relationships, it is necessary to remove them from your mind momentarily. So, as not to transform your memories of pain.

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Cut your hair:

The phrase ‘When a woman cuts her hair is about to change her life’ applies perfectly when it comes to a break in psychological terms. This part of the body is closely linked to the unconscious. It relates to the idea of ​​”cutting with the past,” and mentally, it helps you positively overcome the separation you just went through.

Work and school:

This is the time to use work or school as a form of therapy, but never as an escape formula. You never have to get to the moment when you say ‘I have so much work that I can’t think about my duel.’ It is about taking care of yourself and spending time in one of the areas that also defines you.

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Social life:

It is important to recover the time lost with your friends and those you have not seen. Reconnect with them and enjoy their company.

If you have not healed completely from your old relationship, it is necessary to leave that potential couple on pause. Otherwise, you would be condemning it to failure, bringing past problems to a new relationship. By the time you say ‘I am happy to be with myself.’ Then you will be ready for anything: that includes a new relationship.

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