Hot New Fitness Trends in 2015

It seems like every year there are new trends emerging in the fitness world, and while some are fads (Shake Weight?) and other attract fanatics (CrossFit, P90X, and so on), most people are on the lookout for exercise regimens that are sustainable, fun, and affordable. And the emerging fitness trends for 2019 seem to focus on these principles, appealing to a wide range of practitioners with options that can work into any schedule and budget. Here are just a few of the trends that look to be the most popular in 2019.

Group personal training. If you like the idea of having a personal trainer but you feel like the sessions are way out of your price range, you’re probably going to like the increasing trend of group personal training. Basically it works like this: trainers set up sessions with small groups, say 2-5 people, so that they can squeeze in a lot of clients while still offering the personal attention needed for safety. As a result, they can charge each individual less than a one-on-one session, while still maximizing their earning potential for every hour of training offered. This benefits both you and your trainer.

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Functional fitness. The emphasis may not be on fun in this particular type of exercise routine, but the practical applications make it more than worthwhile for the average adult leading a sedentary lifestyle that consists of days spent at a desk and nights firmly entrenched on the couch. This type of fitness is often employed by older adults since the main goal is to focus on exercises that increase overall strength, flexibility, and balance in order to reduce the risk of injury associated with normal, daily activities. But it’s not a bad idea if you’ve spent the last several years steering clear of exercise and other physical activities.

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Body weight training. Most people don’t want to spend a ton of money on weights and other pieces of equipment that are just going to end up gathering dust in a closet somewhere. And body weight training offers a solution. Instead of using free weights or machinery, this type of exercise allows you to use the weight of your own body to build strength and tone muscles. Read also: drake bell net worth

Comprehensive workout plans. Many adults are looking to lose the excess pounds that they’ve packed on over the years of consuming without awareness and avoiding exercise. And the best way to accomplish this is through a combination of diet and exercise designed for weight loss. Moving forward, you’re likely to see fitness trainers and nutritionists working together to maximize results and help clients meet their goals in a safe and expedient manner.

High-intensity interval training. This could be one of the most popular trends for the coming year because it requires so little time to complete a session. Thanks to short rounds of intense activity followed by short resting periods, you can affect a major impact in sessions that are 30 minutes or less, rather than spending an hour on the treadmill. And whether you train with a professional solo or you opt for classes that offer group fitness tips at less expense, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. You can even complete exercises at home with little more than video tutorials, minimal equipment, and products from Gym and Fitness Mats for safety.

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