We all wonder what it would be like to get our own conservatory and some of us are lucky enough to have bought a house with one all ready installed or have chosen to build one all ready.  There are so many things you could do with the extra space and we have written just a few of them.

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A conservatory can be a real bonus for some families who only have one room in their house where they can put their seating such as sofas and a dining area to eat their dinner.  It will then normally follow through to the kitchen and end. So for most houses that are small and compact it can be a life saver for meal times having a table and chairs in a separate space.  All of a sudden you have gained a room and made more space in your front room.  You could contact an Evesham Double Glazing company found at links like firmfix to find out what options you have in regards to sizes, prices and look.

It can be used for a relaxation zone with quiet music playing, calming lights and a small selection of books and cushions to rest at the end of the day.  It would work best due to the link between the house and the garden and opening the windows and doors can let in some refreshing air in.  You could add in some nice scents to encourage sensory interaction.

Another use for a conservatory is a home gym.  You could quite easily add in a treadmill, some weights, a yoga mat and some lively work out music.  If you are used to doing an hour at the gym imagine the time you would save not getting in the car, driving there, getting changed and driving back.  You could just walk through one room to get there so it’s going to be really good for you and there are no excuses then like weather or im tired.

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A games room is somewhat of a bonus where a pool table could feature in the middle with a seperate table top that could be put on top for table tennis or billiards.  You could even go as far as purchasing a couple of slot machines and teddy grabbers and maybe even a good old fashioned whack a mole.  If you really want to go retro get a pac man machine and see if you can get a high score.

By Roger Walker

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