Honda’s partnership with Red Bull will ensure the team’s current top performance is not compromised, according to its general manager.

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Masahi Yamamoto has confirmed that the change to Honda engines from 2019 is a positive one, and not just because the Japanese manufacturer already supplies engines to Toro Rosso.

For spectators too – those enjoying races at the F1 Paddock Club in Hungary, for example – it is also likely to be an exciting partnership.

Double performance

Yamamoto is convinced that the shared knowledge between the two teams can increase its power and performance on the track. And this will no doubt be excellent news for viewers of F1 teams worldwide.  They will Vehicle Tracking  systems onboard to keep track of vehicles location, performance and any data they can collect to show before and after the shared knowledge to see what difference thss made. They can find out more about tracking technology from sites including

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Increased expectations

Between 2010 and 2013, the Red Bull team celebrated four consecutive F1 world drivers’ and constructors’ titles and, with this new partnership, expectations are likely to be increased alongside its performance levels, which have been at an all-time high.

Race wins

Red Bull has secured two race wins in the opening seven rounds of the 2018 F1 campaign, along with two extra podium finishes and another pole position in Monaco.

Increased targets

Yamamoto has also confirmed that not only does he not wish to see Red Bull’s performance drop, but he is also setting targets for them to improve further.

Winning streak

The team is considered to be one of the best in the world, having won a number of championships as well as races. As an extra, it is known for having an excellent chassis, meaning that there are high hopes for winning more and more races.

Honda members will be further motivated by this move, although Yamamoto also sees it as both a pressure and a responsibility.

The small print

Red Bull Racing is also known as Red Bull or RBR and competing as Aston Martin Red Bull Racing; it races under an Austrian licence, since 2007. Prior to that the team raced under a British one between 2005 and 2006, and is based in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, there is a fictional Red Bull car that features in a number of video games, including Gran Turismo 5. It also has Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT) which provides commercial technology and engineering services, and developed the Aston Martin Valkyrie sports car.


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