January 31, 2024
Car power, power rating is an indicator of the strength of cars.

The game offers many opportunities to create and modify combat vehicles on which we will take part in battles. Each component is characterized by several factors, such as weight, strength and, in the case of weapons, rate of fire and range. The result of all these statistics is the total strength of the vehicle, that is, the power indicator (PS).

If you are in the garage and go to the item selection section, an information window will appear when you hover over each of them. In addition to detailed statistics, you will also find information about the strength of the item here.

In the general view of the garage, it is enough to drive a car to display information about it. A number will appear in the window indicating the total power of the machine.

At some point, a map will appear and you will be able to select a second point called Awakening. Select it and you will take part in several missions that will introduce you to different types of tasks.

From now on, take part in the next battles, move to higher levels and strengthen your equipment, thanks to which you will open more and more tasks and areas for battles. Now they can be locked, as evidenced by the lock icons. Over time, you will gain more freedom in the game, and you will be able to set your own goals and determine ways to achieve them.

What does the power indicator mean in practice? On the one hand, it shows how powerful the machine is, and on the other hand, it allows you to set up duels between players at the same level. The strength of the technique of the players of our team and opponents can be checked, including when loading the map on which the battle will take place.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that creating cars with a high power rating is not always completely cost-effective. The higher it is, the stronger the players will be, so it may be harder to win battles and, therefore, to advance faster. That's why sometimes it's better to reduce the strength indicator and try your hand at weaker rivals in order to eventually move on to more difficult battles.

Finally, one more remark. The discussed vehicle power indicator does not always affect the choice of players. It happens that the system selects players with significantly different strength indicators. In the above case, the players are part of the same team, but it happens that the enemies will be much more developed than our car. online casino india real money

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