January 31, 2024
"Locked up?" What to do?

Constipation is a delicate problem, but it requires an urgent solution. Rarely does anyone manage to live their life and not face this difficulty.

A healthy person has a stool, once a day. A delay of this process for more than 2 days or incomplete bowel emptying is already considered constipation. But the mood and well-being directly depend on whether you went to the toilet safely or not.

You should not run to enemas, considering them a radical method for such a diagnosis. Laxative is also allowed only in extreme cases, this method does not cure, but only eliminates constipation. Addiction may occur and then an independent chair will become a problem at all.

One of the main causes of complications with emptying, frequent suppression of the desire to go to the toilet. Sometimes, complications at work or pain due to inflammation of hemorrhoids or anal fissures contribute to constipation.

To successfully overcome the disease, it is necessary to determine the cause of its occurrence.
If a person is healthy, then the reason may simply be in the monotonous, not correct compilation of the menu. Food without vegetable fiber is the first step to chronic constipation.

Perhaps the cause of constipation is diseases of the digestive system, hemorrhoids or taking medications that contribute to this, then by curing them, this complication will also be eliminated.

Without causing almost any trouble at the beginning, over time, constipation can lead to disastrous consequences: bloating, loss of performance, lethargy and even depression.

Only by changing your diet will you be on the path of healing. Fill your diet with vegetables and fruits. It is especially good to eat cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, beets. Fermented milk products have a beneficial effect on the intestines. The food intake system itself should be changed. Long breaks will negatively affect the general condition of the intestine, ideally, the receptions should be divided into 4-5 small portions.

Change the drinking regime. The rule is more liquid, in this case it is very effective, you need to drink up to 2 liters of water a day.

Therapeutic gymnastics and an active lifestyle are still relevant. A sedentary lifestyle exposes the body to stagnation of fecal masses due to muscle lethargy. Stagnant phenomena in the pelvic region also lead to a slowdown in defecation .

To eliminate the problem and accustom your body to regular defecation, you can start observing the daily routine, balancing your diet and starting to lead an active lifestyle. https://1winsite.com.br/

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