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PSG: Lionel Messi's father hopes his son will return to Barça

PSG: Lionel Messi's father hopes his son will return to Barça

As the end of the season approaches, the Messi clan is still hopeful that his son will return to Barça one day. At least, that's what the father Jorge Messi hopes.

Lionel Messi

The father of Lionel Messi was seen this Sunday morning at Barcelona airport by some Spanish journalists curious to know if the Argentine star will come to Barcelona for the vacations. In search of an exclusive, journalists found a new advertising campaign for the footballer. Yes, Messi is campaigning for cricket betting sites in Indian rupees.

Agent of the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner, Jorge Messi was asked by a journalist of the program Jijantes about the possibility of seeing him one day return to Barça. The latter answered in a few words that make sense: "I hope, one day ..." he said before returning to his cab. A bomb that will make talk in the Spanish media and allow to revive the rumors of departure.

Before that, he gave news of his son by explaining that he felt good at PSG despite the season in half-mast of the Argentine. La Pulga has recovered Saturday night in Montpellier (0-4) during the 37th day of Ligue 1 by scoring his first double in the championship.

Lionel Messi

He still has one year left on his contract with the Parisian club and no doubt his future will be the subject of much media attention during the next mercato. However, the footballer himself does not cease to amaze. The other day he said, How dangerous is cricket?. He probably decided to change the sport.

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