Danish gambling laws

Danish gambling laws are constantly updated. For example, in 2020 the country will introduce self-exclusion procedures and deposit limits, as well as requiring self-exclusion forms to be automated and completed directly through the casino website. In 2021, taxes on online gambling revenues will increase by 8 percent, increasing from twenty to twenty-eight percent of gross gaming revenues. These taxes will help regulate the market and provide additional funding for the treatment of gambling addiction, see post.

Online gambling

Denmark has a relatively successful gambling regulation system. The Danish Gaming Authority publishes gross gambling revenue statistics that reflect the amount of money paid out to foreign casinos in Denmark. As of the fourth quarter of 2016, the online casino's gross gaming revenue was DKK 1,564 million, representing 64.5% of the Danish betting market. This is about six percent more than the previous year. In 2016, total casino revenue in Denmark increased by 6.3%. Find out how games affect us here.

Horse racing betting

As in many other sectors of the Danish gaming industry, betting on horse racing in foreign casinos is allowed if the government agrees to compensate the sector in proportion to the total amount of bets. While the Commission has consistently stated that these measures are compatible with the internal market, it is important to ensure that the money is used to support collective action. The Commission is concerned that the racing industry contributes to the performance of horses and national horse breeding activities. Moreover, notified measures cover only costs of general interest.

Scratch cards

Scratch cards can be played in many foreign countries. Danish laws prohibit such games, and the law was passed in 2012. The rules for using scratch cards in foreign casinos are based on the Marketing Law. The Ministry of Family and Consumer Affairs took over the functions of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and regulated gambling sales. There are two non-profit lotteries in Denmark. Danish players are only allowed to play these games if they are over 18 years of age.


Danske Spil A/S, the state-owned casino operator in Denmark, has maintained its monopoly status for more than five decades. It retains the exclusive right to offer games of chance such as bingo, scratch cards and the national lottery. He also bets on horse racing and other sports. The Danish gaming market is crowded and this has forced the government to introduce tougher measures to curb the presence of offshore operators. Danish gambling law also prohibits foreign operators from operating without a license in Denmark.

Offshore operators

The Danish government is taking steps to combat foreign casinos operating illegally on its shores. In 2012, the Danish Gaming Authority blacklisted 57 offshore websites that do not meet legal requirements to operate in the country. The legislation aims to protect Danish players from fraudulent operators, as well as to regulate the market. The Danish government has adopted strict regulations to ensure that gambling is fair and safe. A recent study shows that the online gambling market in Denmark is one of the best in Europe.


The Danish government recently approved a law that will reduce taxes paid by foreign casinos operating in the country. The European Commission has approved a Danish law that could pave the way for the liberalization of the gaming market across Europe. In a recent investigation, the European Commission found that the Danish law lifting restrictions on gambling is in line with EU rules on state aid. Tax rates for online gambling in Denmark will now be lower than for land-based casinos.

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