Nevada Tourism Commission unveils $13.65m COVID recovery plans

The Nevada Tourism Commission met Friday to honor Lt. Governor Kate Marshall, who stepped down as chairman to join the Biden administration, and to discuss plans to revitalize the tourism industry after the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Board agrees on $13.65 to improve tourism

According to the plans presented include the use of a $13.65 million federal grant to strengthen marketing efforts and, by extension, revitalise businesses. The proposal passed unanimously.

As part of the American Rescue Plan, the US Economic Development Authority has provided Nevada with much-needed funding to breathe new life into tourism and outdoor recreation. An additional $760,000 was earmarked for rural grants. The Nevada Tourism Commission distributed most of the latter amount to 92 of the 134 organisations that had requested financial assistance from the state. 

During the meeting, Vice Chair Cynthia Moon honoured the memory of Lieutenant Governor Kate Marshall, whose resignation took effect on the same day. Marshall will join the Biden administration as senior advisor, effectively leaving the Nevada Tourism Commission without a chairperson. Governor Steve Sisolak has yet to decide who will take over the role of Lieutenant Governor next.

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NCOT details plans for tourism revival

Here are NCOT's current plans to distribute grants to various tourism-related organisations. A sum of $150,000 will be used to plan a site for an adventure centre. As people feel safer outdoors, investing in outdoor activities is proving very lucrative. Nevada has noticed this trend, as many new visitors tend to be attracted by its outdoor offerings. Because of this trend, an additional $150,000 will be spent on analysing and mapping out outdoor recreation assets. 

At the same time, a further $150,000 will be spent on planning managed recreation at Tahoe Meadows, the gateway to Lake Tahoe, one of the most attractive tourist destinations, which is estimated to attract more than 15 million visitors annually. 

Since Marshall approved the Dark Skies Act in 2021, this new tourism trend will also receive $200,000 in support . The sum of $300,000 will be used to develop the Adventure NV mobile app, which will help tourists get important information on various outdoor activities such as hiking, stargazing, water sports, rock climbing, etc. etc. The app is planned to list all the important outdoor tourist sites. 

600,000 will be used for the trail system and infrastructure planning for outdoor activities. 

One million is to be given to Travel Nevada under its own strategic plan, and another two million will go to the Destination Development tourism community planning programme. Finally, several Southern Nevada businesses received smaller grants totalling $70,740 . 

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