January 31, 2024
Many women prefer to have bags of genuine leather. This material is famous for durability, practicality and high cost. For replacing natural materials, the modern industry invents new materials, in anything that are not inferior in quality, but much lower in price.
It's time to purchase a new handbag. You go for a new thing to the store. And here you are waiting for a surprise. The brisk seller actively advertises and in every way incurs you to make a choice in favor of the handbag from eco-tree. Naturally, there are a lot of questions in my head: what is eco-leave, and in general, is it how long this bag will serve as an adorable hostess and how to care for this accessory?

How do ecocuse?
Eco-eco-eco technology is produced similar to the manufacture of leatherette, but has several significant differences. In the manufacture of leatherette, a layer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is applied to the base. Since PVC itself does not have elasticity and stability, special plasticizing and stabilizing substances add to it. These substances over time are allocated from PVC, harming our body.
The chemical synthesis of polyurethane process is more complicated than PVC synthesis. Those properties that need to have finite material are laid in the synthesis process. Therefore, add other components is no longer required. For the foundation, cotton raw materials are used, which causes a polyurethane coating. In the process of exploitation of such a material, harmful substances are not distinguished from it, for which the name "Eco-" was obtained.
What does eco-leave look like?
To the touch, this material is soft and pleasant, not distinguished from genuine leather. Ecocuser over the entire surface has the same thickness and texture, which cannot be said about natural skin. In the structure of eco-tree there are micropores, so it easily passes moisture and air, does not occur greenhouse effect. This property is very important for the shoes from the eco-tree. The base of natural cotton gives strength and resistance to stretching. As for the winter period, the handbag from eco-leaves can be taken with it at temperatures up to -35 ° C.
Care of eco-bag
Despite the excellent wear resistance to care for ecocuses, it is necessary as gentle as genuine leather. The contaminated surface must be cleaned with a damp soft cloth, and then wipe dry. The sooner you cleanse the material, the less pollution absorbs into ecocuse. If the contamination did not immediately notice, it is permissible to use a 50% alcohol solution for cleaning.
But the old spots can be treated with genuine leather cleaners. If you want to extend the service life of the handbag, from time to time, wipe it with water-repellent impregnations that are intended for genuine leather. For light bags, treatment with impregnations will support their appearance, as they are more likely dirty.
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