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The car consumes too much fuel. What is the reason?

My car consumes too much fuel. What is the reason?
If noted that the fuel consumption of the car increased significantly for a certain period of time, it means that there is a defect or a malfunction that should be eliminated as soon as possible, as it can be a symptom of a more serious problem in the future.
The following lists the main reasons associated with increased fuel consumption in the car. It is necessary to clarify that to eliminate the problem should always be addressed to the proven mechanics or in the proven workshop, since, you may encounter a serious malfunction, which in the medium term can cost big money.
The main reasons for excessive fuel consumption in the car:
Unchanging tires: Although it is elementary, but, without noticing low tire pressure, you increase the cost of fuel, because, as EL Universal writes, 20% of the car fuel consumption depends on the state of the tire.
Overload: Another factor affecting fuel consumption is the load, transported in the car, because the heavier the car, the more work is to perform the engine to move the entire body.
Dirty filters: Air filter and fuel filter are necessary for engine operation. When dirty, they can break the passage of any component into the mixture and make the computer try to compensate for the problem, injecting more fuel into the engine.
Injection system: malfunctions can occur in sensors, nozzles, ignition candles, wires and hoses. In this sense, there are many parts and details involved in this type of malfunction, so you should look for a symptom that is common to all of them. For example, if the car begins to smoke from the exhaust pipe, and the fuel consumption increases, this means that the combustion occurs with failures, and you will need a scanner to detect a specific problem.
Oil: oil assignment - lubricate engine parts, and if it does not have the viscosity specified by the car manufacturer, or its shelf life has expired, the engine parts will consume more energy for normal movement, which ultimately leads to an increase in fuel consumption.
Lack of maintenance: engine parts and car are generally calculated for an ordinary person, so small details, such as calibration of spark plugs, can make the difference between good gasoline consumption and excessive consumption, which in addition to damage to the pocket damages the car in the long run.
For this reason, it is always recommended to maintain a car in good condition and contact reliable mechanics or a garage to check these components every few miles to prevent serious damage in the long run.

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