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4 Good reasons do not fall in love with a scorpion man

Men scorpions are very charismatic and charming holders who can quickly arrange to themselves. Their natural magnetism attracts to themselves, and women melt only from one captivating look of representatives of this sign. Nevertheless, in love with a scorpion man is not a very good idea that is fraught with serious consequences. So, below will be described about several reasons why the ladies should not be born with scorpions.
1. Impulsiveness and aggression
Men born under the sign of the scorpion horoscope, possess a very heavy and unpredictable character. Today they are tender and caring, and tomorrow they are already exposed their dark side. These are very impulsive, which often show aggression. If the male scorpion rose not from that foot, then under his sight, most often, the closest and native people fall. They do not know how to manage their emotions and in a rush of anger can make it very painful even to the very native person.
2. Skillful manipulators
Scorpions are known for being very subtle psychologists. They easily calculate the pain of people and love to manipulate them, using the lowest methods. Men scorpions always control their partners, bringing them self-esteem and act as passive aggressors. Their manipulations are very skillful, so it is not so easy to see.
3. Pathological revisions
Men scorpions are very concise and suspicious people who trust only themselves. They are jealous of their partners to everything in a row, and if there are no real reasons, they will definitely invent them. Scorpions areolate their women from the outside world, try to control their circle of communication, impede new acquaintances and in every way suppress their will permanent prohibitions and frameworks.
4. Egoism
Men scorpions are very selfish and in a pair always think only about their well-being. In a relationship, they always pull the blanket for themselves, do not give a woman to the adoption of independent important decisions. Moreover, such men always believe that the woman has no right to his own opinion and the man should decide for it. Men scorpions completely dominate their women, are not considered with their needs and desires. Life with them is always a golden cage. You feel in luxury, but you feel that we lose much more in this life.

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