January 31, 2024

Betting on Dota 2 https://apexmap.io/dota-2-betting is an abundance of offers, among which you will surely find a favorite option. Among all the bets the following varieties can be distinguished:

  • Winner of the match. Betting on the main outcome of the match. In this case, you need to consider the format - b01, b03, b05. To win you need to win on one, two and three cards respectively. It is not recommended to bet on the winner of the match if the format of the match is b01. Dota is an unpredictable game, so even a weak team can win against a strong one by choosing the right strategy. Such an exception usually "works" only once.
  • Winning a round. Each round in Dota 2 is a separate map, before the start of which teams make spades. If a team is the favorite, it is likely to win all rounds. If the forces are roughly equal, however, there is always the possibility of a win for either team. Betting on "winning rounds" has a higher percentage of losses, because in this case it is more difficult to understand who will come out the winner of the battle.
  • The number of kills. This indicator is measured in numbers. To make a bet, you have to understand the prevailing style of play of the teams. The number of kills is usually higher in the CIS-teams that do not hold back and play active Dota.
  • First Blood. You can also bet on which team will make the first kill in the game. First kill can be either in the first minute of the game (for example, on the rune), or closer to the 10th minute (if the game is not full of clashes between opponents).
  • First Roshan. This is the name of the monster in Dot, the killing of which allows the team to get additional bonuses. Usually, Roshan is killed by the team that is ahead of their opponent. However, another outcome is also possible, if you have the appropriate heroes.

Earnings from betting in Dota 2 can be significant if you understand cyber sports and understand when and on whom to bet.

Betting Dota 2 stuff.

Popular online bookmakers offer to bet on cybersport events not only money, but also skins - things from cybersport games. Each skin has its own value, which depends on the value and rarity. After uploading the skins to the bookmaker's website, their value will be displayed. After that, you can decide on a bet. By betting with skins, you will also get the winnings in the form of skins.

The advantage of such bets is that you do not need to invest real money to bet on your favorite team. Skins in Dota fall out for games or after getting chests. Betting in Dota 2 with things is a convenient and safe way to test your intuition.

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