January 31, 2024

Beginner or not, you may have already asked yourself some of these questions, after all, it is always worth reading and remembering some concepts. We are here to demystify four recurring questions so that you can always feel safe and confident when gambling at Slotty Vegas online casino. Attention, pay attention to the tips.

1 - Can online gambling harm the gambler?

         This doubt is common, but it is not true, the online games are as reliable as the face-to-face ones. Of course you should stick to the reliability of the online casino you choose, but once it is confirmed that the casino - as well as Slotty Vegas- is licensed and regulated to exercise the activity, you can trust that your bets are for real.

         The regulatory agency provides the software security so that the result is always fair, so you can play without fear of being cheated or deceived.

2 - If it's "heads" a lot, will it be "tails" on the next turn?

         The answer is also no! In games of 50/50 probability, as the example of the "heads or tails" question, to be continuously coming out one side of the coin - heads - does not mean that in the next move the other side will come out - tails. Therefore, in games of chance, the probability of the event will always be 50%. Your bet should follow your intuition.

         To act in this erroneous way in gambling is called the "gambler's fallacy", and fallacy means: that which is false, untrue. Keep this tip always in mind when placing a bet.

3 - Does the bonus decrease my chances of winning?

 No, you can relax that your chances of winning are equal and the bonuses really work. You may already have faced this doubt, after all, everything that is too good we tend to distrust. But bonuses are there to encourage you to gamble online, which is good for both you and the online casino. Got a bonus? Take advantage of the opportunity.

4 - Is it easier to win a prize in a jackpot game or slot machine?

The answer is no! The game being accumulated does not mean that it is closer to have a winner, because the higher the amount, the more bettors are deceived thinking they have more chances of winning. This is not true, because games like jackpots or slots don't work that way, the winning result is always random and doesn't depend on circumstances such as: betting time, number of bets and accumulated winnings.

But let's face it, these games are very tempting, and if you win you get a great prize. Want to know more? Enter the Slotty Vegas live casino and choose the best option for you!

         Now that we've demystified these recurring questions, you're ready to start betting on the right foot. Keep all these tips in mind and enjoy the online casino journey that allows you to evolve from the convenience and comfort of your own home or from anywhere in the world.

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