February 24, 2024
How to vacuum seal a bag without a vacuum

Vacuum packaging has many advantages. One of the most important is that the products stay fresh for much longer. Meats and fish maintain their texture and toughness almost without any alteration. In the event that we are going to show How to vacuum seal a bag without a vacuum.

At the time of eating those foods that we pack using this method, we will notice it above all in the taste and texture of them. Since what causes putrefaction in food is contact with oxygen, if we pack under vacuum (without oxygen), we will prevent these signs from appearing by preventing our food from rotting.

How to vacuum seal a bag without a vacuum?

How to vacuum seal a bag without a vacuum

We are going to extend the shelf life of a multitude of fresh ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, legumes, etc.…. If you need to freeze vegetables and other fresh products, I recommend you read my post on How to Keep Work-Life Balance. These are some simple tips, which will be useful to you before freezing through this process. If you want to know more, you cannot miss this article on how to vacuum pack without a machine, in a simple way and that we can all carry out at home with very few materials and without spending money on packaging machines.

Step by step of how to vacuum seal a bag without a vacuum

First of all, we must bear in mind that the food that we are going to vacuum pack must be in perfect condition. This is the most important maxim for good maintenance once the product is packaged.

For the vacuum without a machine to be perfect, we will need zip or zip closure bags. These types of bags are found in any supermarket and the type of closure is not relevant. Between these two types of closure, you can choose the one that is most pleasing to you.

Before starting, we must fill a container with water at room temperature. Then we will put in the bag those foods that we want to vacuum pack.

Now we must close the zip of the bag, leaving a couple of centimeters open to remove the air. Then we are going to introduce the bag with the food in question in the water very slowly and without covering the zip of the bag. When this happens, we will close the bag and the vacuum is done.

But … Why does that happen? It is simple when introducing the bag with the food in the water. The pressure that the water exerts on the bag is greater than the pressure of the air that remains inside the bag. In this simple and homemade way is how we can make a vacuum at home without machines or complications. Now you know how to vacuum pack without machines.

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