How to use vpn on smart TV

Smart TVs ( SmartTVs ) connected to the internet are increasingly popular and appreciated by consumers. With the boom of online streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video, it becomes convenient to have a large connected screen to enjoy the content, perhaps in 4K with HDR.

Some use a VPN to view catalogs from other countries and enjoy the content that has not yet arrived on our shores. Others use an IPTV list on their TV and would like to remain anonymous there as well. For this reason, the demand for VPN services is becoming increasingly important, even for smart TVs.

How to use vpn on smart tv?

How to use vpn on smart TV

The best VPNs for Smart TVs need to have plenty of good servers to get around geo-blocks, and they need to be easy to use and set up. They must offer apps dedicated to the different smartTV platforms that are at the same time practical to use via remote control. In this article and for these reasons, we have chosen Surfshark, a young but really reliable service.

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Use Surfshark on Smart TV with Android TV system

The convenient and complete Surfshark dedicated client is available on the Android TV Play Store to connect:

  • Go to the Play Store;
  • Search for Surfshark and click on ” Install “;
  • After installation, open the application and enter our credentials;
  • once you have entered your credentials, you can choose a server and start browsing anonymously.

Use Smart DNS on TV without Android TV

If you have a TV that does not have AndroidTV, there will be no dedicated client for your platform, and it will not be possible to change the IP address of all your traffic; however, Surfshark has decided to offer these customers a Smart DNS service useful for accessing blocked sites and bypassing the geo-blocking of some services.

This solution is not suitable for maintaining anonymity but is useful for accessing the extended catalogs of streaming services.

A Smart DNS, whenever it detects your request to some sites (such as Netflix or Hulu), masks that your IP is Italian and changes it with an American one. But the IP is only changed for specific sites and not for all traffic.

Configure SmartDNS (Intelligent DNS)

To get our Surfshark SmartDNS:

  • Log in with your credentials to the official Surfshark website;
  • Press on the devices tab;
  • Go down the page until you find the SmartDNS option;
  • Check that our IP address is present on the page. It can be verified using one of the many services available online to detect our address (we talked about it in our guide dedicated to the public IP address );
  • At this point, you can click on the ” Activate ” button ;
  • It will be necessary to wait a few minutes for the service to be activated. When activated by reloading the page, you will see the word “Active”;
  • At this point, the primary and secondary DNS will be available to be inserted into our devices.

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Insert SmartDNS on LG TV

Setting up DNS on LG smart home TVs is simple:

  • Press the menu button on your remote control;
  • Use the arrows to move to the Network option and select it;
  • Choose the method through which your TV is connected. It can be the Ethernet or WiFi network;
  • Go down and press the red “ Edit ” button ;
  • Remove the checkmark next to “ Set Automatically ”;
  • At this point, go down to the item ” DNS ” press and enter the DNS address 1 provided on the Surfshark site;
  • At this point, you can press on “Connect” to unlock the contents.

Configure Surfshark smart DNS on Samsung TV

Even in the case of Samsung Smart TVs, it’s simple:

  • Press the menu button on your remote control;
  • Use the arrows to move to the ” General ” option (which has a wrench as an icon) and select it with the OK button (enter) on the remote control;
  • Select the item ” Network ” and then press on ” Network status “;
  • At the bottom of the screen that opens, press the “ Settings. IP “;
  • Go to “Set . DNS ”press and select“ Enter manually “;
  • At this point, go down to the item ” DNS Server ” press and enter the DNS address 1 provided on the Surfshark site;
  • At this point, you can press on “ Connect ” to unlock the contents of the US services also on your Samsung smart TV.

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