How to Transfer Ebook to Kindle? Step by Step Tutorial

The growing technological development that has taken place in recent years has brought about numerous changes in the actions of everyday life for each of us. Thanks to the creation of many new tools, what was previously called highly complicated, now appears much more simplified. Suffice it, in fact, to think of modern smartphones – that is the evolution of the first mobile phones – which, in addition to making and receiving calls, allow us to carry out an infinite number of other jobs. On the internet, we find practical guides that show us how to use it correctly. In the following steps of this guide, how to transfer eBook to kindle.

Even computers become increasingly thin, powerful and equipped with a much larger memory than previous models. Among these technological innovations, we can include one that has been very successful over the years: let’s talk about e-book readers.

How to transfer eBook to kindle?

They are very small, thin and light devices that allow you to have a large number of books at hand wherever we go, eliminating the problem of weight and bulk. One of the most famous e-book readers is certainly the Kindle and if, we are still inexperienced and we are not familiar with these devices.

  1. Kindle
  2. eBook
  3. USB cable

Connect the Kindle via USB cable

First of all, you need to know that the file formats supported by our Kindle are many and among the best known it is worth mentioning TXT, PDF, DOC, JPEJ, PRC, HTML, GIF, PNG AND BMP. If the format is not one of these that we have just listed, you need to convert them to the formats supported by the device through special programs available on the internet for free.

Obviously the conversion of the files is not only necessary for the transfer of the e-books, but also for all the other reading files such as articles and documents. After taking this first step, it’s time to transfer the files to your Kindle. Connect the Kindle via the USB cable to one of the USB ports on your computer.

Transfer e-books by email

If the idea of ​​connecting the Kindle to your computer every time you have to transfer a file annoys you, there is another simpler method: to use your email. The procedure is quite simple and will save you much more time. All you have to do is go to the Amazon web page and click on the “ Settings ” item.

You will have to authorize the sending of the e-books by email to your Kindle and, subsequently, select the ones that interest you that will be immediately sent to the communicated email address. In addition, they can be compressed into a zip folder no larger than 50 MB.

Install the Caliber software

If you are not satisfied with the previous methods, another solution, probably the quickest and easiest to use, is “Caliber”. It is a free software that acts as a multimedia library. After having downloaded and installed it on your computer (the version is available for all operating systems), all you have to do is convert the files you wish to transfer to your Kindle.

The conversion operation is available within the program itself, without the need for additional applications, in order to make operations easier. Afterward, the files in our library are saved on our computer and the data transfer takes place automatically as for an iPod. Another advantage is that this software is small in size: just 284 KB.

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