How to Start Pharmacy Busines

Even if the general number of commercial activities that sells medicines has increased in recent years, thanks to several new para pharmacies. Opening a pharmacy is an activity that still represents a good entrepreneurial outlet for those who have studied pharmacy. In this article, we will discuss how to start pharmacy business.

How to Start Pharmacy Busines?

The first thing to know, if you want to open a pharmacy, is that you have to be a graduate pharmacist qualified to practice the profession.

The substantial difference with a pharmacy is that to open the latter it is unnecessary for the holder to be a graduate and qualified, as long as the salesperson received the specialized qualifications.

The main steps to follow on how to open a pharmacy:

Establishment of a company

The company to be set up maybe, as already specified, an individual company, a general partnership or a limited liability cooperative society.

Purchase of a license

In the absence of a specific license, no activity can be started. Since the opening of a pharmacy also linked to demographic factors, the availability of licenses is regulated by specific notices published periodically.

Obtaining the drug traceability code

To be authorized to sell medicines, a necessary authorization is the one that allows you to obtain the drug tracking code. The application must be submitted to the Ministry of Health.

Authorization for the sale of non-medicinal products

To be authorized for the sale of supplements, hygiene products, cosmetics – or non-medicinal products – it is necessary to apply to One-Stop-Shop for production activities in your Municipality of residence.

Asl and Chamber of Commerce

At the same time as the other obligations, it is mandatory to request the local health authority for the pharmaceutical operation, as well as to present a single communication to the Chamber of Commerce. This last communication can also be presented electronically.

What are the costs involved in opening a pharmacy?

The process that leads to the opening of a pharmacy is very expensive, not only from the point of view of the timing but also and above all from the economic point of view.

The license

We talked about the need to purchase a special license. This is basically the main investment that needs to be addressed. The cost is variable and rises – touching six-figure figures for licenses for pharmacies located in attractive areas and with little competition – when a license is purchased from a third party.

The location

At the cost of the license is added the investment for the purchase of the store or, in most cases, for the rental of the store. Both the purchase price and the annual price for renting a property depend on the real estate market and the areas where the license was obtained.

The furnishing

When a new pharmacy is opened, the furniture budget must be reserved, which varies according to the size of the store, the optimization of the spaces and the services offered.

Software and equipment

Among the pieces of furniture, even if contemplated in a different item, there is the equipment necessary for the regular performance of work and specific software for the management of invoicing and orders to suppliers.

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