How to put a hole in a beltBlack leather belt on a wooden surface.

Let’s face it, sometimes the belt we liked so much now tightens. It can also happen that the perfect belt is too wide for our new diet. In both cases, the question can be solved almost painlessly, simply by adding one or two holes and continue to be able to enjoy our accessory. Whether it is an original leather belt or whether the material it is made of is synthetic, modifying a belt to adapt it is not difficult and it is an operation that we can also do at home if, without special tools, it is understood that if we have special pliers, the work gets better. With this short guide, we will see how to put a hole in a belt.

How to put a hole in a belt?

How to put a hole in a belt

The time of buying the belt, obviously, is the best time to try to wear it. Indeed, it is highly recommended, only in this way will we be sure that when we use it it will be ready. The sales staff will help us both in choosing the accessory and in how we are going to wear it. So it will be the salesman who takes the exact measurement and adds one or more necessary holes to the belt. For this operation, a special plier is used which makes perfectly round holes, and of suitable dimensions to pass the tooth of the clip or the button that is used to adjust the belt. This operation is not done, however, on belts with a movable clip which is specially designed to be adjusted in any way.

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Change the belt with the pliers

Let’s start with the best and safest method, for which, however, special pliers are needed. It is an instrument that has an iron wheel in place of one of the jaws from which some tips of different sizes come out like spokes. The wheel can be turned to select the best bit for drilling. You have to compare the tip with the diameter of the other holes, simply by inserting it inside and verifying that it passes without problems. Once it has been established which tip to use, the position of the new hole must be marked.

Forget to do it by eye because you will almost certainly find yourself with a hole in the wrong position, perhaps very little, but that on a valuable belt means having done irreversible damage. Instead, take a rigid ruler and measure the distances between the holes, and then using a pencil or better a pen mark the point where to drill and after placing the tip you have chosen, tighten the pliers and the hole is done. The pliers can be found in all hardware stores, in DIY stores and in large-scale distribution on the internet.

Avoid homemade changes

You will think that instead of the pliers, a nail or something similar might suffice. Well, in fact, any point is good to puncture the belt, get a frayed and irregular hole, risk tearing the visible part and where to do the work three times, then wasting time with the scissors to remove the parts that have been damaged.

If the belt was bought for a few pennies, a little sore, but if it is a piece of boutique, perhaps in genuine leather or even in fine leather, you can be sure that you will regret the work done wrong for saving the little money that they are used for pliers. If you really don’t want to buy the tool, go to an expert shoemaker and have it modified.

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