lemon carlota cake

If you have young children, this delicious Lemon Carlota Cake will delight you with its great flavor. It is easy lemon desserts are delicious and very fresh. You just need a little lemon juice and lemon peel to get many flavors.

In this exquisite, easy Lemon Carlota is one of the best Lemon Dessert you have to cook without being a lover of these cold desserts without an oven. We suggest that from now on do not waste time in the kitchen and better find some recipes like this Carlota de Limón Quick and easy. Would you like me to wear Cream Whipping Topping?

Easy lemon carlota cake recipe

Carlota de Limón (Homemade Recipe Without Oven) In the Best Recipe we will compete for a Lemon Carlota Recipe this dessert is of French origin that has adopted multiple forms of elaboration, but with different flavors, such as apple or strawberries.

lemon carlota cake

We want to show you how to make a very simple and delicious lemon Carlota so you can easily make it at home. Do you want to meet her?



  • 6 pieces of lemon.
  • 1 can of evaporated milk (360 ml).
  • 1 can of condensed milk (397 g).
  • 2 packages of Maria cookie (170 g).


To make this recipe, you must first squeeze the lemons and reserve the juice.

Then, now blend well with the evaporated milk, the condensed milk, and the lemon juice until you get a cream.

Find a medium bowl, place the dead cookies, and add the previous mixture, look for layers of cookies and the mixture you prepared. Now fill the mold correctly.

Garnish with cookie chips or lemon slices.

Refrigerate for about 2 hours and serve.

NUTRITION: 000 kcal

PRESENTATION: Garnish with red fruits or lemon zest.

We can make this dessert with any cookie of your choice. If you have the cream cookie in the middle, it should be removed.

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