Cleaning area rugs on hardwood floors is one of those tasks that we all know needs to get done but we don’t always do it, much less do it correctly. An area rug is exposed to the same levels of dirt, bacteria, and other forms of allergens and contaminants as your thick pile carpeting. However, going about the process of rug cleaning Redondo Beach can be different than with your carpets which can make the task more challenging.

It’s crucial that you know how best to maintain your area rugs so you can avoid having filthy floor coverings inside the home. This won’t just preserve the look and feel of your area rugs but also make them a whole lot cleaner to live with so you and your family can stay healthy. A dirty area rug can have detrimental effects on your respiratory system and trigger allergic reaction in allergy sufferers.

So, here’s what you need to do in order to clean an area rug on your hardwood flooring:

Mind the Mess

If something is spilled on your area rug, you need to clean it up as fast as possible. Just like with your carpets, the longer you allow a liquid or substance to remain on the rug’s surface the more likely it is that a stain will set in. That can drastically ruin the appearance of your area rug. The way to clean it up is to blot, never wipe. Failing to take such precaution will result in the spill being driven into the fibers of the rug and allowing the stain to set.

Regular Maintenance

For those homes that see an abundance of routine foot traffic, regular maintenance is even more important. Without it, you will soon start to discover that your area rug has started to look dull and dirty. So, your best bet is to vacuum at least once a week, more often for homes with children and animals. Vacuuming can be highly effective for preventing surface messes from getting deeper in the rug.

Professional Attention

Vacuuming is only so effective for keeping those area rugs nice and clean. But in order to really ensure that your rugs are always looking and smelling their best, you need to have them cleaned professionally by a rug cleaning company. This will eliminate all of the germs and grime that can get ground into the surface of your rugs and mar their appearance. You only need to professionally clean area rugs once or twice a year, based on the amount of foot traffic they receive.

Keep Them Clean

After you’ve vacuumed and cleaned your area rugs, you want to maintain their appearance and the way to do that is by keeping shoes and dirty feet off of them. So, you might want to introduce a new policy around the house – no shoes indoors and always wipe off paws and bare feet after they have come inside. Dirt, mud, and other germs from outside can be kept off your area rugs with a little precautionary consideration.

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