Medication can be used to treat an individual who is very poorly, helping them to recover quickly, however if not handled properly and safely it can unfortunately fatally injure someone!   That’s why it is of paramount importance that everyone should receive some level of training on the dangers of medication and how to store it and administer it safely.  The most effective way to understand drugs and medication safety is to enrol on a professionally run course from an experienced, reputable agency such as  There is always danger associated with medication and even at home simple things like Paracetamol and Ibuprofen can be fatal if swallowed by a young child.  Always keep drugs locked away in a safe cupboard so even the most inquisitive youngster can’t get access to them.

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When at work all medication should again be kept locked away and only accessed by a trained First Aider who has been taught to record everything clearly and accurately as well as how to administer anything necessary.

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All bottles stored at work inside the locked cupboard should be labelled with the patient’s name and address as well as have an expiry date printed clearly.  This label should be the same one that was on the bottle when it was administered by the Pharmacy and contain information on the drug and how often it should be taken.

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