A kitchen is a place where as well as doing a lot of the important household jobs, we also spend time with family, and with many homes now being open plan, a kitchen diner is becoming increasingly popular.

When it comes to planning a kitchen, you need to make sure that it is functional and also it is a room that you can enjoy being in.

Firstly, you need to think about your appliances and how you will make the most of the space in the room. Going for appliances like this fully integrated dishwasher Erith www.wellingtonshomeelectrical.co.uk/dishwashers/fullsize-dishwashers/fully-integrated.html for example means that you can save more space than you can with freestanding appliances.

Storage is another important consideration, and there are lots of creative ways to create more kitchen storage space, from adding wall shelving to utilising the gaps that you have between cupboards to make the most of the space and ensure that there is somewhere to keep everything.

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Style is also important in a kitchen, and you also need to make sure that the styles that you choose are practical. For example, choose a paint that is suited to a kitchen and bathroom as it will be able to withstand the damper conditions.

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Lighting is another way to make a kitchen more interesting and stylish, and lighting can also be used to make a statement – for example, if you have a kitchen diner, hanging statement lights over the dining table helps to separate the two spaces.

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