In the 1970’s there seemed to be a slew of disaster movies based on earthquakes, meteorites, ships sinking and planes, almost crashing. What the fascination was at the time is unclear but they were wildly popular and one of them in 1974 seemed to epitomse the genre. It was the Towering Inferno based on two novels of a similar name. They centre around the attempts of the fire brigade in San Franciso to put out a fire in the world’s tallest building standing at 135 floors.

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When the Chief arrives he soon points out that he can’t get ladders above 5 floors so they might have a few issues. The son in law of the person who paid for the building admits cutting corners with the wiring and it soon transpires that this is the cause of the fire on floor 85 setting everything off. He should have used a Gloucester fire risk assessment company like who would have put them straight.

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Via a series of misadventures involving helicopters, navy tow lines and eventually a ton of plastic explosive blowing apart some water towers on the roof the fire is put out and most people are rescued. The architect agrees that the next time he designs a building he’ll consult with the fire chief.

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