how to tidy up your house

Adult life can be difficult, especially if you are not very orderly. Here we share some tips on how to tidy up your house.

Living alone is a challenge if you are not a person who stands out for his abilities to organize his belongings or know exactly how to tidy up your house. When you become independent, you may feel overwhelmed by all the dishes that have to be washed for being responsible for your room not ending up looking like a university student and for having to wash clothes, work and study.

How to tidy up your house?

The good news is that there are very easy tricks to follow that you can gradually implement so that the work does not accumulate. Here we share some main ones that will help you keep your house always tidy and clean.

clean up your house

Divide the duties

This only applies if you live with roomies or with a partner. The worst mistake you can make is to carry the burden of cleaning the home you own. Keeping the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and rooms in order is a thing of everyone who lives there, not just yours. Talk to the people you live with and reach an agreement to divide responsibilities equally.

Wash dishes as you cook

The best tip to prevent a mountain of dirty dishes from accumulating in your sink is to wash as you cook. For example, if you use a spoon to taste a sauce, rinse it instantly. The same with pans, dishes, and any utensil.

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Assign half an hour a day to order

Every day there are things to do. We know that work and day-to-day obligations cause you to arrive home exhausted. But look like this, if instead of wasting half an hour watching the Instagram Stories of your friends lying on the sofa you invest it in picking up the shoes you left at the entrance, in returning your jacket to your place and in putting things where they correspond, to At the end of the week you won’t have to spend half a day organizing your home. It is best to go slowly.

Apply Marie Kondo philosophy

Marie Kondo demonstrated – among many other things – the importance of detachment. Once every three or four months, dedicate a little time to analyze if you need to continue having that memory you received at a wedding or that letter of thanks from your friends at work. The same goes for clothes. If there is a garment that remains without leaving your closet for two seasons, then maybe it’s time to donate it.

And in particular, with clothes, one ‘fashion’ advice is to avoid gaining clothes that are not your size. Avoid applying the ‘this dress I will wear when I lose 3 kilos’. No, avoid that, if you are on a diet and want a particular ‘reward’ then fulfill your goal and consent to buying that piece that you like, instead of accumulating. Something as simple as this is part of the millennial manual of ‘how to order your house.’

Think twice before buying something

In order not to continually discard your things, the best practice is to think if you really need the object from the moment you want to buy it or where you will receive street advertising or some memory. You will see how your house will look cleaner if you apply a lifestyle attached to minimalism.

Never leave your home without laying the bed

It is said that one habit of successful people is to put the bed before leaving home. As much as the rest of your home is clean, scrambled sheets are always synonymous with carelessness. Think about this, if everything goes wrong in your day, at least you will get home to a perfectly laid bed to rest as you deserve. Sounds good.

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