my tattoo is peeling and the ink is coming off

Not sure if it is normal for a tattoo to eject ink? Do you wonder how to care for a tattoo so that it does not lose color? If you recently had a tattoo and all these doubts flying over your head, you have come to the perfect article to solve them.

Here, we want you to have first-hand information before getting a tattoo and clear all your doubts about it. For a tattoo ink to fall off, it does not have to happen in a normal healing process. However, it can happen. Do you want to know why my tattoo ink falls off and in which cases this is normal? If so, keep reading the explanation why my tattoo is peeling and the ink is coming off.

Why tattoo is peeling and the ink is coming off?

The healing process of a tattoo is one of the most important phases to guarantee successful results. However, it often generates fears and doubts that are not so easy to resolve. In this sense, one of the most common questions is wondering if it is normal for the ink to fall off a tattoo.

The quickest answer is that no, it is not normal for the ink to fall off in a fair healing process. However, it is normal for a tattoo to eject ink moderately, especially during the first few days. It is essential to distinguish between a drawing that leaks a little ink through the pores and another whose ink falls. Keep in mind that tattoos tend to shed excess ink that has penetrated to be cleaner and smoother, so ink’s expulsion is part of the normal healing process of a tattoo, as long as it occurs in moderation.

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Why is the tattoo ink falling off?

Why does the tattoo lose color when it heals? Is it wrong that this happens? Is my tattoo skin falling off? As we have pointed out, although it is not frequent that the ink of a design falls, the tattoo may moderately eject ink during the first days of healing.

Before explaining how to take care of a tattoo so that it does not lose color, it is necessary to understand what are the most common symptoms that will appear just after making the design:

Loss of ink in the first hours: especially during the early hours after it is done, the tattoo will release the ink. To keep it in good condition, you will have to wash it with soap and water between 2 and 3 times a day and change the dressings recommended by the professional tattoo artist.

Itching and stinging: the tattoo and the skin surrounding it can itch or sting, something very typical in the hours after the tattoo is made. In this case, it is very important not to scratch the area since you could lift the skin and take some of the tattoo ink. To alleviate the discomfort caused by itching, we recommend rubbing ice gently on the tattooed area, but remember that you should never put the ice directly on the skin.

Peeled area: if you see that the tattoo area is slightly peeling, it is also part of the normal healing and healing process. In these cases, the important thing is never to tear off the skin and let it fall alone. Now, if after a few days the tattoo peels and loses color incessantly, we advise you to discuss it with your professional tattoo artist.

With this in mind, and answering your question as to why my tattoo ink falls off , you should consider that moderate expulsion of ink through the pores occurs to prevent scab formation or infection. If the tattoo is well hydrated and you apply the creams recommended by the professional who did it, it is most likely that the same ointment will absorb the ink and remove it. However, depending on the amount of ink in your tattoo, it could be that your pores will expel small amounts to avoid excess ink and, therefore, the appearance of scabs or infections.

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How to care for a tattoo so that it does not lose color

Hygiene and control of bleeding are two essential keys if you ask yourself how to cure a tattoo, as this way, you can prevent the ink from not penetrating properly and falling. For the healing process to be a success, you should follow the recommendations of your tattoo artist, as well as consider the following suggestions:

  • Wash the area well: wash your tattoo with warm or cold water twice a day, morning and evening.
  • Use special creams: apply the special tattoo cream recommended by the professional in question. These ointments will help you nourish, hydrate and heal the tattoo after each wash.
  • Watch out for excess moisture: excess moisture could cause the tattoo to fade, causing the ink to fall off. To prevent this from happening, avoid the sea, swimming pools, saunas, and prolonged showers or baths. Also, use particular medications only when recommended by the tattoo artist, not every time you sting or sting.

Be careful with the light: do not expose your tattoo to the sun or tanning lamps and always use sunscreen creams. Remember that the sun is the main enemy of tattoos and that it accelerates the aging of the skin and the fading of the design.

Avoid strenuous sports: For the first few days, avoid strenuous sports and activities that may cause your skin to stretch excessively, as this could damage the tattoo.

Vitamin K supplements: to avoid excessive bleeding, we recommend taking vitamin K supplements, as it is beneficial for clotting.

It is essential to avoid any situation that could compromise the regeneration of the tattooed skin during healing. Remember that any complication can be the source of the ink falling off, causing poor results and the risk of other skin problems. If you see any more aggressive symptoms during the process (such as the expulsion of pus, swelling or extreme redness), do not hesitate to go directly to your doctor.

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How long does a tattoo take to heal?

When should everything return to normal? It will depend, to a large extent, on the healing process of each one because depending on the design, size, person and the area where the tattoo is done, it may take more or less to heal completely.

In general, the healing process lasts from 7 to 15 days. Although we have already seen that it can be extended or even shortened depending on each case.

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