The Traffic Safety Measures & Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situation is the subject and title of Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual produced by the Department of Transport specifically for those working on the highways. The guidelines are aimed at advising organisations responsible for operating vehicles on motorways and public roads and include requirements relating to the safety and visibility of vehicles. Guidance is also given on the colour of vehicles and the requirements for reflective markings and chevrons.

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All types of vehicle used on the highways need to be marked so road users can identify them safely from a distance. This protects both workers and drivers and distinguishes the cars from other vehicles on the road. The specific requirements vary depending on the size and type of vehicle, and these are listed in the manual. All maintenance vehicles need to be marked with a Highways Maintenance or Motorway Maintenance sign, and there are specific size requirements for the wording which are also stated in Chapter 8 of the manual. There are also detailed requirements for the positioning of the wording, and it must appear on the back of all vehicles carrying out maintenance on the highways.

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Chevrons are an effective and simple way to ensure the safety of workers, protect vehicles from potential damage and protect all drivers using the roads.

Chevron kits are tailor-made for vehicles and manufacturers and are available as magnetic strips, which are easy and quick to apply. Chapter 8 chevrons are available from companies such as, who can advise businesses on the best kit for their vehicles.

Adverse weather is more prominent at this time of year, and motorway driving can be hazardous. The holiday season brings with it additional traffic on the roads, and this combined with fewer daylight hours will mean drivers need to take extra care and drive appropriately for the conditions. Drivers are being urged to take precautions, leave prepared and be sensible when setting out on the roads, especially at this time of year.

For those companies responsible for maintaining the roads all year round, ensuring vehicles are correctly fitted with the right safety features and that the visibility requirements are met will reduce accidents and protect workers and their vehicles as well as all road users.

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