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What is a brand identity prism

What is a brand identity prism

A Brand Strategy Agency and those individuals who work in marketing and branding will probably have heard of a brand identity prism. It will be a part of the work that companies like will undertake when they work with companies to develop a strategy for the brand.

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The concept was developed by Kapferer in 1986 and it is a prism that is hexagonal in shape and it looks at the six key elements that make up any brand. By working through each element of the prism, a business can get a clear picture of what their brand stands for and can develop a personality for that brand. It allows businesses to be reflective about their core values and for finding ways that they can reinforce the strength of their brand.

Jean-Noel Kapferer, who developed the concept of the brand prism looked at six key areas through which a brand is expressed. The overarching concept of the prism is to allow businesses to look at their brand from a wider perspective and to not only concentrate on elements such as the logo. It allows companies to use all the elements of the brand together to be able to tell the story of the business and the products within it.

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The six elements that make up the brand prism include:

  • Physique
  • Personality
  • Culture
  • Relationship
  • Reflection
  • Self-Image

These elements are then grouped together as those that are linked to the Picture of Sender, the Picture of the Receiver, those that are Internalisation and those that are Externalisation.

  • Picture of Sender – this is how the brand presents itself and it incorporates the elements of Physique and Personality.
  • Picture of Receiver – this is how the clients and customers of the company see the brand and it incorporates the elements of Reflection and Self-Image.
  • Internalisation – these are the elements that directly impact the Culture of the company and would include areas such as the company values and the policies and procedures that it develops.
  • Externalisation – these are the elements that the brand produces that affected the Relationship of the brand with its customers and clients. This is made up of areas such as the logo, products and services that are offered and any advertising that is undertaken.

Working through each of these areas in detail and highlighting what the elements are made up of a business can create a persona and an overall brand that is congruent and this can then be communicated through the business. This then enables everyone to ensure that the work they are doing is on brand and it further helps to strengthen the brand identity that is portrayed to customers and clients.

The Origins of Valentine’s Day – Going Back to the Romans

January is over at long last and as we welcome February, the month of love, and couples all over the world start to think about ways to celebrate Valentine’s day. From luxury boxes of chocolates to beautiful professional bouquets of flowers like these from Tewkesbury Florist the Flower Shed, do many of us actually know the origins of valentine’s day and why it is that on 14th February each year we all celebrate love with one another? Well, here you can find out…

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There are many stories about the original Saint Valentine, which all differ from one to another, so a lot of the earliest origins are shrouded in thousands of years of mystery. Most historians would agree that it was something that started with the Romans. In the Roman days, a feast was held between 13th – 15th February, which was the start of the agricultural year and was held to bring fertility. This date has stuck, but the festival certainly changed a lot!

A few centuries later, the Pope, who wanted to get rid of the traditional pagan festivals and replace them with Catholic celebrations, replaced the Roman festival of Lupercalia with Saint Valentine’s Day to honour two martyred Christians who were named Valentine and were executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. Although it was still a day of fertility, gone were the wild naked Roman parties that were used to celebrate the day and it became much more sedate.

Over the years, the day became a popular way of romance, with young sweethearts sending one another cards as far back as the middle ages, and of course it was William Shakespeare who also made romantic references to the day, making it more popular. The celebrations made their way around different parts of the world as travel around the world started to increase, and of course during the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era it started to become something that we are more familiar with it being today.

Because of the new factories that were popping up everywhere during this time, there was money to be made from everything. So of course, greetings cards companies jumped on the bandwagon, taking it that step closer to the very commercialised day that it is now. Victorians loved greetings cards (although many Victorian era cards were a little strange by our modern standards!) and of course, Valentine’s Day became a big hit in the UK, as well as in America, where factories also opened to create cards for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

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So if you are stressing about what to buy your beloved, or trying to book a table at the most romantic restaurant in town this year, just remember, it isn’t really about love at all – it was a fertility feast held at the start of the agricultural year!

Considerations For Investing in Multiple Properties

There are many advantages to owning multiple properties. In the short term, you’ll have a positive cash flow, and over time, your investment should appreciate in value. The longer you own the properties, the greater the benefits. However, if you don’t have the capital necessary to make an initial down payment, you may want to consider the long term benefits of owning more than one property. Before you decide to invest, consult with an expert in property to learn about the pros and cons of this strategy.

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When you own multiple properties, your expenses may increase. You’ll be responsible for paying property taxes, insurance for rental properties, and maintenance costs. If you own more than one property, you’ll have to worry about paying property management fees and other unexpected costs. This could put a damper on your cash flow and lead you to consider owning less rather than holding a portfolio. In addition, if you’re a first-time investor, you might have trouble qualifying for financing the purchase of multiple properties.

Owning multiple properties can be a lucrative opportunity if you pay attention to your finances. Renting your properties can create a steady stream of income, and you can save the profit for repairs or to pay the mortgage. If you own more than one property, you can use that profit to buy another income property, or to make a down payment on another income property. It’s also a smart way to diversify your portfolio.

There are also risks to buying multiple properties. Buying multiple properties will double your expenses. You’ll need to pay for property taxes, rent management fees, and special insurance for rental properties. Not only will you be faced with higher expenses, but you’ll also face unforeseen issues. It’s best to avoid empty units unless you are able to make the necessary repairs. In the end, owning multiple properties will give you the opportunity to earn a steady income.

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In addition to increased costs, owning multiple properties also allows you to leverage your income from one property. For instance, if you own multiple properties, you can use the equity in one of them to finance the purchase of another. This means that you can utilise your equity in one to fund a down payment on a new property. You can also use your profits to fix up your other properties. For information on the possibility of a SDLT Refund for multiple property purchases, visit

You need to consider the expense of property taxes, insurance for rental properties, and property management fees. Moreover, you should be prepared for the unexpected expenses that may arise. Additionally, you must be aware of the tax implications of investing in multiple properties. Therefore, you should carefully consider the costs before you make a decision to invest in more than one property.


A blast of water is all it takes.

The power of water as a force is one of the most incredible to see. As humans, we’ve learnt to use and develop this power to our benefit. Hydropower is used to proved is with electricity. Hydraulics, using water as a lifting and moving tool is also well established. The cleaning power of water is rely on by us regularly. For example with the use of CCTV Drainage Surveys workers can learn exactly where to apply a blast of water to clear an obstruction or blockages. What other examples are there where we have learned to use water to our advantage?

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  1. The Watermill. Now, a part of a picturesque rural or village life scene, the Watermill is one of the first examples of humans using water to power an industry. Mills were used to mill corn and wheat. This made flour which in turn made bread. It was alot more efficient than the old methods of doing it by hand or by animal. For one thing, the water never got tired and needed a rest. This industry was vital to the village and the development of towns. If the mill didn’t run then food production was seriously hampered. As the industries grew, the use of watermills were still needed to provide power. A huge metal  wheel at Quarry Mill Bank, just outside of Manchester, is enormous. It powers the many spinning jenny’s inside the building. An incredible feat of engineering.

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  1. Hydro electric dams. For electricity to be generated a turbine must be turned. In coal and gas powered stations this heats water to create the steam to move the turbine. However, if you have a huge force of water spinning the turbine imagine how much energy you can generate? The answer is pretty limitless. One problem. To move a turbine of this magnitude you need a huge amount of water, lots more than the watermill, even though the principle is the same. This is why projects like the Hoover Dam are built to build up a large reserve of water to the be pushed through sluice gates that turn the turbines.
  2. Locks in Canals. When faced with the prospect of moving goods around the country at one time the canal was king. Most towns had them, not that you would now it know. For example Swindon had several large canals and the only evidence of it now is a mural. Brimingham had so many they dwarfed the amount in Venice. The only way that boats could get up rises and hills was to use Locks. A process of using water to raise boats up the river, being a lock keeper was one of the most well paid and sought after jobs in the country.

It’s pretty clear that we’ll continue to use water as best we can to further industry and for leisure purposes. We just have to be careful to conserve it and protect it as well.

Living Sustainably and Helping the Planet, as well as Yourself

The responsibility of caring for the planet and helping the earth to recover from the climate crisis is on every person in the world. If you want to do your bit in the fight against climate change, here are a few practical ideas to help you get started…

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Buy Less – Our lifestyle of consumerism in many parts of the world has led to things like fast fashion, and people buying things that they really don’t need. Consider whether you really need all that stuff. If you do need something, then research the materials that it is made from, where it is made and how easy it is to recycle it. Choosing natural materials rather than man made ones and reducing the amount of stuff that we buy is good for our bank balance as well as the planet! Whether you are looking for a new coat or building an extension, consider the environmental impact – for example, natural materials like these Timberpride oak framed extensions are better than man made.

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Eat Well – Food is a huge concern when it comes to the environment. There are many ways that improving the environmental credentials of your food also benefits your health. Cutting back on the meat that you eat is one of the biggest things that you can do. Meat farming causes huge environmental problems all around the world, such as deforestation and increased CO2 emissions, so having more fresh vegetables and plants in your diet is much better for you. As well as this, try to source local produce. This food will have travelled less, and you will be supporting businesses in your local area.

Looking after your lawn during the winter season

The winter is one of the few times you can leave your lawn alone for a bit. The grass is a hardy plant, and it can find the strength to pretty much grow anywhere and at any time. It may look dead, but it is just dormant. In the summer month’s when the grass goes brown, it’s a natural reaction to think the grass is gone and needs replacing. However, a bit of water usually springs it back into life again. What about in the wintertime? What care do you need to take of the lawn then? It’s something that the Park Homes Gloucestershire complex residents know well about. Living the Park Home Life is one of the best choices that you can make.

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First of all, try and keep off the lawn during the winter months as much as possible. If there has been a frost, it can create real problems for the property, so it needs to rest. If we’ve had a period of continuous rain, it is very likely that, given our winters, it also needs rest to drain; if not, moss can form.

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These situations also require a lot less mowing. If the conditions allow it, you may have to get the mower out, but it’s very unlikely. The rain and frost will mean you should stay away as much as possible. You need to remove any debris, such as leaves and moss.

How cloud accounting software can support your business

Keeping on top of your business finances is incredibly important when it comes to helping your business to be sustainable and to thrive. One of the best ways to do this is with the use of cloud accounting software. Not only does it allow you to see what is happening to your finances at any given point, but it also has lots of other benefits and can support you and your business in a number of different ways. Gloucester accountants such as Randall and Payne will be able to talk you through the benefits of a number of different software types depending on what your overall needs are. Read More

Why does pouring fat down your drains causes problems?

Fat and grease building up in the pipes of your home can be a common issue, but it is one that can be avoided to a certain degree. Having large amounts of grease and debris that has washed down your plughole collecting together can cause big problems not only in your internal pipes but also in the wider sewage system. In some cases, fatbergs can appear and these can become very large and cause issues with the drainage pipes that may require their removal and Drain Lining, like that from Wilkinson Environmental installed.

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When grease, fat and all manner of items combine together in your pipes it can cause blockages that then cause water to back up your pipes and into your sinks as well as nasty smells emanating from the pipes. It can also cause problems further down the pipes with ‘fatbergs’ that can build up in the drainage pipes and in the sewer systems. There have been reports of huge ‘fatberg’s blocking entire sewage systems that needed to be removed to allow the water to freeflow again.

The kitchen sink is the one area where most blockages can occur. This is due to the fact that a number of different food items as well as grease and oil can end up being poured down the sink. Another reason for the increase in the potential for problems in a kitchen sink is that as the water moves through the pipes are starts to cool the fat starts to solidify once again. So whilst you might be pouring hot oil or grease down the sink, by the time it gets midway down the pipe it will already have started to cool and turn back into a solid once again.

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In the first instance if you have a small blockage you might want to look at some of the drain cleaners that work on the fat and grime that has accumulated and breaks it down into smaller pieces so that when you run the tap you can push it through the system into the large drain pipes out in the street. It is important that you use these products appropriately and that you use them as soon as you start to notice that the water flow is reducing.

In order to prevent the problems from occurring you should ensure that you do not place any oil or grease down your sink and if you are washing up your cooking utensils you should look to use some paper towels to wipe out your frying pans first before you place them in the water. Make sure that you use enough washing up liquid to help break down the grease on the pans and plates.

What are the advantages of working as a locum doctor?

Once a GP has qualified from medical school and undertaken their placements it is time for them to decide on where they would like to work. Some GPs choose to work in general practice in NHS surgeries others prefer to look to private practice. There is also a third option which is to work as a locum. All doctors surgeries will have Locum Insurance like that offered by MPRS Locum Insurance that will cover the costs of needing a locum to come in and fulfil the role of a GP for a given period of time. Without this type of insurance, it can be incredibly expensive for a doctors surgery to have the cover support that they need to be able to run their surgery efficiently and effectively for their patients.

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There are many advantages to working as a locum and some of these include:

  • Have final choice over when and where you work and the ability to decide how many hours your work each week and the daily schedule that you want to work to.

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  • Can work around other commitments such as family or other part-time jobs that you may have and will be able to take time off when needed rather than needing to negotiate these on a rota basis.
  • By being a locum in the geographical area that you want to work in you will be making contacts in lots of different GP practices and you may be the first one to find out when they have a permanent vacancy available.

What should you do with your old mobile phone?

Following on from the recent COP26 conference, it seems that we are all responsible for trying to save the planet. The environmental cost to the Earth from using a mobile phone is just one of the many things we all need to look at. Local Vodafone stores in Ireland, for example, are full of new models that have recycled parts in them. Vodafone Store Ireland based centres are helpful as the staff can assist you.

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There is a growing pile of disused mobile phones that is getting more significant year on year. So what can we do with them all? The simple answer is to pass them on to developing countries. Once the phone is cleaned of data and personal information taken out, your old phone is due to become someone else’s property. So it’s a way to keep up with the latest technology, but you can be assured that the phone is going to a good cause.

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The use of nickel in phones is one of the most contentious issues that you can associate with the phone. However, mining this metal is very intrusive, as you would expect with mining in general. The problem is that there are very few, if any, alternatives to using nickel. The production of components has also taken a downturn in the recent COVID lockdowns. So it might be an idea to hold on to it for a while before you change it.