Remember Me Walkthrough - Episode 4 # 5

Start attacking the Enforcers and Heavy Enforcers. First of all, I recommend that you focus on the security forces with shields. Use Junk Bolt attacks to knock down their shields, which will expose them to standard attacks. Also, do not forget to avoid enemy attacks so as not to be captured by the security forces, which will lead to an increase in recovery time.

Immediately after the appearance of the second group of security forces, you will be given access to a new special move - the Logic Bomb. Open the special moves menu, select the recently unlocked attack, and mark any of the enemies that doesn't have a shield (it doesn't matter which one). Finally, accept the offer of the game and jump back to avoid falling into the explosion zone.

As you probably noticed, the explosion of the logic bomb deprived all the opponents who were in the explosion zone of their shields. The rest of the fight is now easier. Continue to initiate your special attacks (Sensen Fury, Sensen DOS) on a regular basis. At the same time, continuously move around the area and wait for the best opportunity to introduce combos. After you have dealt with all the opponents, listen to the conversation with Edge.

Find the interactive door to Sector III. Immediately after you open the door, turn left and aim at Scarameh to eliminate her. Now you can go ahead. Find the SAT Hatch along the way.

Turn right and go up the stairs to another memory. Immediately after the projection starts, press the aiming button and start rhythmically pressing the interaction button to open the door. Enter the next area and go to another door. Soon you will see a short video featuring the madam you need.

As shown in the screensaver, Brain Drainer can be used to completely erase the memory of a person equipped with a Sensen chip. That's why you should avoid the light of this device.

Hide behind a pillar; you'll be safe. Don't move, because two scaramehs are clinging to the rotating "brain drain". You should eliminate them without putting yourself at excessive risk, if you have problems blocking the parasite, wait until the dehumidifier light is directed away from the column, quickly jump out of your hiding place and approach the balustrade.

Now you can go to the right and hide behind other columns. While on the road, it is better to make frequent stops to avoid sudden exposure to light without the ability to change your position. At your request, we have reviewed many gambling clubs and selected the best online casinos for you.

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