In Argentina, they thought about the legalization of cryptocurrency payments


In Argentina, they thought about the legalization of cryptocurrency quantum code payments

Strike has announced the official launch of its financial product in Argentina. Thus, the Latin American state became the third after the USA and El Salvador, where the company's cryptocurrency application is available. Analysts suggested that this could mean the beginning of the path to the legalization of cryptocurrencies in the country.

The head of Strike, Jack Mullers, said that Argentina is a state that has a huge number of economic problems. For example, hyperinflation or inefficient payment networks. He noted that the inflation rate in the country is now one of the highest on the planet. The expert said that 50% of the population are poor.

Market analysts emphasized that the majority of the country's citizens do not trust national money and prefer savings in US dollars (USD). The government had to devalue its currency, as well as impose restrictions on the circulation of foreign ones. The country's leadership initiated the implementation of the so-called "Impuesto País". Now all citizens are forced to pay a 30% commission for USD exchange operations.

Strike will allow residents of Argentina to spend and convert their assets quickly and without fees. Mullers suggested that the government may eventually recognize cryptocurrencies as legal tender. The technology company will try to help stabilize the economic situation in the South American state.

However, the expert said that it is too early to draw premature conclusions. The Strike company will try to help the citizens of Argentina, but you should not guess what will happen next. He assured that his organization is the supplier of the best advertising in the world - money.

Earlier, the editors of reported that the social network Twitter signed a partnership agreement with Strike. This was necessary in order to integrate cryptocurrency transfers into the functionality of the service.


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