Goalscorer betting: what is it and how do they work?

In football, the scorer is the protagonist of the match, that is, the one who scores one or more goals.

Most of the most famous online bookmakers offer their users entire sections dedicated to sports betting, especially football. Therefore, it was inevitable that among the many betting methods available on the best online betting platforms, there was not one dedicated to scorers.

The main purpose of this type of bet is to predict the player who will be able to score one or more goals during the match. Since football is one of the favorite sports of Asians, this betting method is very popular with more experienced asianbookies football players as it gives them the opportunity to analyze matches and matches and implement their own experience.

Scorer Betting: All Types

In the endless sports betting schedule offered by the best online bookmakers, there are many sub-categories of scorer betting.

Here are the most popular ones: Goalscorer bet Yes/No

This first mode is a classic scorer bet whereby we don't have to do anything other than predict whether a given player will score a goal in a particular match or not.

This mode is the most popular and most popular among football betting enthusiasts and is also called "Player's Account Anytime".

Due to the need to guess a less accurate prediction than other modes and offering more chances of winning, yes/no scorer bets have lower odds than other scorer bets.

Top scorer bet yes/no

The second most popular sub-category of scorer betting is undoubtedly the top scorer bet. In this mode, the player's task is to predict which player will score the first goal of the match within the normal 90 minutes, taking into account players from both teams in the match. This type of betting is certainly one of the most common and one of the most popular.

In many bookmakers we will find many tips and tricks on how to start betting using the first goal bet and have a better chance of winning.

Bet on the last scorer yes/no

Even the last scorer yes/no bet is one of the most common and one of the highest rated of all. Also in this case, although it is about predicting an event that may or may not occur, we will find many suggestions on how to make the most of our bet.

Bet 1×2 scorer

The 1×2 scorer bet is definitely more complicated than those described earlier, since it consists in predicting the exact result of the match and marking (regardless of whether it happened or not) by a specific player.

Bet 1×2 first scorer: in this mode, instead, we will have to predict the exact result of the match and the first player who will definitely score a goal.

Other very well-known, but somewhat less common, bet on two or more players and bet on three or more players, which, however, are a more complex and difficult to predict type of bet. Crazy bets, find out what it is by clicking on this website.

Goalscorer Betting Tips

As already mentioned, although scorer betting is not based on an exact science, on the Internet we will be able to find a lot of tips and suggestions to get carried away with this betting method, which will help us choose the players to bet wisely.

For example, a good way to get a good idea of ​​how individual players on a team are behaving is to carefully analyze scorer statistics and record or use them in these betting systems.

In addition, knowing about the health status and recent performances of a footballer can be very helpful in understanding which player to bet on: this is a fundamental factor to consider when choosing a scorer, since even the best players in the world can be at one time of their lives. when they are less suitable than usual.

Following this advice, it will be enough for us to look at the recent performances of the players we want to bet on scorer: if a given player has performed poorly in recent matches, the chances of him scoring the first goal may decrease in the match.

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