The winter is one of the few times you can leave your lawn alone for a bit. The grass is a hardy plant, and it can find the strength to pretty much grow anywhere and at any time. It may look dead, but it is just dormant. In the summer month’s when the grass goes brown, it’s a natural reaction to think the grass is gone and needs replacing. However, a bit of water usually springs it back into life again. What about in the wintertime? What care do you need to take of the lawn then? It’s something that the Park Homes Gloucestershire complex residents know well about. Living the Park Home Life is one of the best choices that you can make.

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First of all, try and keep off the lawn during the winter months as much as possible. If there has been a frost, it can create real problems for the property, so it needs to rest. If we’ve had a period of continuous rain, it is very likely that, given our winters, it also needs rest to drain; if not, moss can form.

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These situations also require a lot less mowing. If the conditions allow it, you may have to get the mower out, but it’s very unlikely. The rain and frost will mean you should stay away as much as possible. You need to remove any debris, such as leaves and moss.

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