How to Accessorize a Bedroom Dresser

Do you know how to accessorize a bedroom dresser? The chest is known as the dresser. These decorations accessories have ceased to be objects for storing things and have become key pieces.

How to accessorize a bedroom dresser?

The trunks have always been used to store different household items. But for a few years now, they are becoming a complement and are being incorporated into the decoration of the different rooms of a home. On this occasion, we will focus on seeing how the trunks can be used to decorate the bedroom.

Chest of drawers as a bedside table or bed

The trunks can be used as a table and thus give a more vintage touch to the decoration of the bedroom. Here, pay attention to the size of the chosen trunk, so it is not too large.

Chest for the bedroom

Thus, when decorating a bedroom with trunks, they are usually used mostly at the foot of the bed. In this way, they have the function of being able to store different elements inside and give a more elegant and sophisticated touch to the bed.

Chests to decorate the bedroom

They can also be used as a base to place other decorative elements of the room, even to leave the clothes you are going to wear the next day and thus have it on hand. In this way, you get an original and different dresser at the foot of the bed.

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Chests in children’s bedrooms

Chests in children’s bedrooms are very common elements. They are usually used to store all toys and thus prevent them from being thrown on the floor. It is a simple way to maintain order in children’s rooms and ensure that children learn to store toys.

Children’s trunks can be found in different styles, colors, and sizes. The most important thing is that they have a childish touch consistent with the overall decoration of the room.

Customize a trunk

In addition, another option is to customize the trunks since it is a perfect solution if we are looking for a trunk with specific characteristics and style, and we do not find it in the market. In this simple work, you can see the step by step to customize a trunk.

Recover old trunks

If we are lucky to have an old trunk at home but it is quite damaged, and we do not know how to recover it from incorporating it into the decoration.

We find an old wooden trunk that we want to recover while keeping its original charm. What we will do next will be to remove the dirt accumulated for years and eliminate the woodworm. Do not miss this simple job and step by step on how to do it.

Dressing tables are places for beauty and care. It is unnecessary to have a large house to find a place to locate it. In every house, no matter how small, you can always find a corner to place one.

Choose the dressing style

We have always seen the dressers as small corners with a colonial and somewhat bucolic style. Now, this has changed. You can choose the style of the dressing-table that best suits your home, without it becoming an element that separates.

The vintage style is the one that is most associated with the dressers that we can see in vintage films and the typical dressing rooms of the most celebrities. They maintain some classic elements and highlight black and white colors.

If you prefer to opt for a more modern style, you can put a dressing table covered with mirrors or an acrylic one. As for the color, you can innovate with more vibrant and striking colors and combine them as you like.

Finally, one of the most special and different styles for the dresser is eclectic. You can create a mix of textures and colors, creating a unique space. You can combine different materials that stand out from each other and get a dressing table of the most striking.

Find a place with lots of light

The lighting is a key detail for such sites. You must have a focus on natural light nearby. Conveniently, you place your dresser near a window that receives enough sun.

However, apart from locating your dressing table near a point of natural light, it is very important that you also have a spotlight of artificial light. Also, it must be white and insert some yellow light bulb so that there is no effect too “artificial.” This is because white makes light reflect, enhance colors, and intensify details. Indispensable to see our entire face and makeup without a problem.

You can opt for a flexo, which is now very much in trend since they provide a very interesting industrial touch. Incorporating a mirror with light bulbs is also a very good idea. It will make your dresser look like that of a true celebrity. Another idea is to include the light strip. It is a very good option since you can include it with no previous installation and it reflects very well the light in this corner.

If you receive enough natural light, it will not be necessary to have many points of artificial light. We will also save during the day. A good point of support light will always be essential in your dressing table.

Essential furniture

In the market, we can see furniture made specifically for this function. You can find them structured with different departments, drawers, and blocks. Always incorporating a mirror so you can look at yourself and makeup.

We can also find lower-cost dressers, choosing the loose elements that we like the most. For this, it will be essential to choose a good table. It is better that you buy it with different drawers to be able to have more storage space. The table can be specified for a dressing table or a glass table. The fundamental thing will be that it supports our weight and that of all the products we use.

The chair, armchair, bench, or stool is another essential element. It must be comfortable because our weight will fall on it when we are getting ready. It has to have a width and height that is comfortable for us, and that later, we can keep well without disturbing us.

The mirror is another essential detail. It must be located just above the table or shelf where the products are supported so it has the perfect height to see us. You can also add a magnifying mirror with a clamping foot or integrated directly into a part of the mirror. These types of accessories are very cheap and will greatly facilitate the task.

Dressing table with white mirror

If you are more detailed, you also have the option to make a custom one. There you can choose well the size that best suits your space, the material, and the design of the compartments.

Elements that help organize and decorate

The organization in a dressing table is really important. You can help yourself with a large drawer, a bookcase or boxes with different compartments so you can store everything correctly.

If, on the contrary, we have a more basic dressing table, with little storage space, we can include certain elements that help us the order.

For people who have more jewelry, we can put jewelers on the table. While ordering all your accessories, they can be decorative elements that give a more classic touch to the dresser. The rings allow you to hold each ring on each finger. These have become a classic figure in dressers as they also function as a decorative element.

The decorative trays also allow organizing well the products you have on the table. You can put on them your favorite perfumes or that you use more creams and even scented candles to bring that classic chic point.

Artificial corals also look great on dressers. They hold necklaces or bracelets and give that touch of color to the environment. We can find them in coral, blue, green. The ones that are being seen now are in copper, silver, and gold tones.

Undoubtedly, the dressers are great for people who like to take care of themselves and have a corner only for beauty. Dare you to decorate your own?

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