Strokes occur when a blood clot appears in the brain and it can cause a variety of symptoms with weakness and/or paralysis on one side of the body is one of the most noticeable. It is incredibly important that if you suspect someone of having a stroke that they attend the nearest hospital or you call an ambulance as soon as possible. There are medications that they can be given to help reduce the damage that can occur as a result of the stroke.

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Movement problems following a stroke can be common and often the individual will be referred to a physiotherapist for rehabilitation. They may also need to contact a Support Worker Jobs Gloucester company likeĀ to see if they have any staff who can come in and help with everyday activities during the individual recovery period.

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Communication problems can also occur, particularly if the speech was affected during the stroke. This can mean a referral to a speech and language therapist who will work with them to try and regain as much of their speech as possible.

There are a number of other long term issues that can occur such as bowel and bladder problems, alterations to vision and problems with swallowing. These can all be managed with specialist support and may improve over time.

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