Laminate flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners who appreciate its price, durability, and the range of styles it offers; however, while laminate is easier to clean and maintain than hardwood floors or carpet, it is not always problem-free.

This also goes for new property owners or first time buyers.  You will tend to find once you move in you will start to see the imperfections you never saw when you first initially looked around.  A huge bit of advice to follow is when you are looking at houses with Estate Agents Gloucester company through links like you will want to make sure you have plenty of time to check every room properly.  Don’t be afraid to go into rooms twice and move things if you need to.  I would also suggest taking photos as you can then go and look at them in more detail later on and even show family or friends to get a second opinion.

A good estate agent will do everything they can to help you and will be patient with all your requests and demands so keep them clear on what you want and what your looking for and don’t be afraid to say straight away “I don’t like it”.  Don’t let any one change your mind on something, you have to be 100 percent sure as you could live there for the rest of your life.

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Common problems and fixes

Moisture, scratches, bubbling, uneven or slippery surfaces and cracked finishing are all possible drawbacks, although many of these can be either avoided or easily resolved. Here’s how.

Rips, cracks and lumps

These tend to be there from the start, so always check laminate flooring carefully before either buying it or allowing a tradesman to lay it. It makes economic sense to find and pay someone who knows what they are doing rather than laying your laminate flooring yourself if your skills are not up to it.

Uneven finishes could also be down to an incorrect floor type or poor preparation, so make sure what you want to install is the right product for your particular floor. Avoid placing heavy pieces of furniture on your flooring, as this can constrict the necessary expansion.

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Moisture and bubbling

Leaking pipes and humid, poorly-ventilated rooms are the main culprits here. The best solution is to lay waterproof laminate flooring from an established stockist, following the post-installation care instructions to reduce the risk of further damage.

Slippery surfaces

If animals struggle to get a grip on laminate flooring, a few non-slip rugs can often be enough to solve this issue.

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